Consume Me:

By Little Red (4 stars):

The most surprising thing that I found with Consume Me, was how much I was emotionally invested. A lot of BDSM stories are focused solely around the club and the sex, and this wasn’t. There was a plot, an actual plot people! And one that interested me and had me wondering, a real, whodunnit.

Both Marcus and Emma had me intrigued in their pasts and wanting to learn more about them, and hoping that the author wasn’t going to be completely cruel and not let them hook up as more than just Master and Sub. (I’m not telling by the way, you’ll have to read it and find out!) In all honesty, all the characters that you meet in Consume Me will interest you, and there is clearly so much story left to tell, from various angles, because by the end of the story, all I wanted was MORE.
The club scene was well described without being crude, and yet it gave you a brilliant image of everything that was going on, and Paige really didn’t hold back on anything–seriously, ANYTHING, and that added so much to the book. With the full characters, well-rounded plot, and smoking-hot sex scenes you are in for a real treat!

By SuzieQ (5 stars):

I received an advanced readers copy/unedited version of this one. I already can tell you that I love that this doesn’t follow the same rules of every Dom. It’s different and I love that about it the most. The fact that the strict Dom role is not set in stone. The man’s view sometimes we think there is less emotion or no emotion; only shown what they want us to see. On top of that Marcus being a Dominant and struggling with that want and longing, struggling with himself was a great turn in this series.

There is an added drama of suspense that keeps the readers guessing who is threatening Emma, and what will happen next.
Also, prior characters Lucas and Chloe are brought in and make an appearance. But the focus is on Emma and Marcus; the tug of war between their emotions, their past hurts, and their feelings for each other.

By Melissa Aguirre (5 stars):

The most surprising thing that I found with Consume Me, was how much I was emotionally invested. focused solely around the club and the sex, and this wasn’t. There was a plot, an actual plot people!

Both Marcus and Emma had me intrigued in their pasts and wanting to learn more about them,In all honesty, all the characters that you meet in Consume Me will interest you, and there is clearly so much story left to tell,
The club scene was well described without being crude, and yet it gave you a brilliant image of everything that was going on and that added so much to the book. With the full characters, well-rounded plot, and smoking-hot sex scenes you are in for a real treat!.Iwas gifted a copy for a honest review.


By Rebecca (5 stars):

I really enjoyed this book! I really liked Paige’s way of making you feel like you were right there in the room with the characters. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters and the realistic portrayal of their not so perfect relationship; not every relationship is perfect but they make it work! The romance scenes were steamy and only add to the overall ‘flavor’ of the book! Great read!

By KOL79 (5 stars):

Absolutely AMAZING. I love Devlin and knew he was a character I wanted to know more about. I really enjoyed Ally and Dev and the amazing chemistry they have together. Bringing Devlin’s past into the mix and it was such an amazing book, and then enter Aiden into the mix, DAMN amazing story written by Paige. Can’t wait to read more.

By B. Turner (5 stars):

Another amazing book! I was thoroughly swept along with the suspense and intensity. Although this was not a type of book I’ve traditionally read, I couldn’t put it down. Great characters. Great emotion. Great writing. I truly enjoyed every moment.

By Teresa Wilson (5 stars):
This was a good series go read. All 3 books were real page turn-ers. They kept me on the edge of my seat. Still need to be proof read before they are published. Words were run together. Otherwise a real good series to read.


By SuzieQ (5 stars):

I loved the heat between them. This book doesn’t have the BDSM the others do, but alpha male meets feisty woman and sparks fly. Kat and Caleb seem to fight no only with each other but themselves through this book and the sizzle speaks for itself in the very hot scenes.

There are fantastic romantic heart warming and melting moments. I love this little departure from her other books.

By missesmerelda (5 stars):

Kat is a publicist, Caleb is a smoking hot rock star. Three years after a one night stand that rocked both of their worlds, Caleb hires Kat to be his assistant. There are secrets and lies, and a few more bumps in the road, but they both know deep down that they want each other.

The characters are well developed and real, the love scenes are passionate and vivid. The story is well crafted. Paige Matthews has written an intriguing story that leaves you breathless and wanting more.

By Jade Onyx (5 stars):

A sweet local girl meets celebrity story, Paige Matthews’ Crossroads is a ride into the whirlwind life that begins with a rock star’s chance meeting with a bartender in a remote bar. While the older patrons who frequent the bar have no clue who Caleb Cross is, Kat Summers the bartender sure does and remains unimpressed.

Three years have passed since that fateful night. Although the passion they shared still sizzles, both have secrets to hide and cards they refuse to lay out. Kat no longer works at the bar, which helped her pay her way through school. Instead, she has gotten a job in her father’s business in her field of study: public relations. Her latest client is none other than Caleb Cross.

Caleb, having withered an abusive past, has sworn off being the kind of man his father was. What he experiences with Kat sends him to places he has not been before. As someone who is used to being in control, he loses it plenty of times around Kat. The truth is, he has hired Kat for more than just PR to rebrand his drug use, rehab and divorce. He wants to win Kat over.

However, they both harbor secrets that can ultimately make or break them. I would rate this book 4.5 stars, 0.5 off for keeping some loose ends dangling. For example, I really wanted to hear more about their tattoos, the stories behind the art…. The author kept mentioning them and I kept waiting to see if I would find out more about them, if the characters would talk about them and share them with each other. That didn’t happen. Maybe in the next book…?

By Laurie (5 stars):

WOW!!! This book is absolutely fantastic! This was the first book I’ve read by Paige Matthews, and she blew me away! The writing is flawless, and I was drawn in to the story from the very first page! Crossroads is the story of sexy alpha rockstar Caleb Cross and Kat Summers. Caleb isn’t the person that everyone seems to think he is. He has made some mistakes and did some things he regrets, but he isn’t living the typical rockstar lifestyle. Kat is leery of the life rockers live and therefore doesn’t think getting involved with Caleb is a good thing. However, Caleb is persistent and is hell bent on showing Kat the real him. Will Kat be able to let her walls down enough to let Caleb in? Will they be able to put their pasts behind them and move on with a future? You will have to read Crossroads to find out. I will tell you that you won’t be disappointed! Paige Matthews weaves in strong character development with sexy simmering tension and just enough angst to make this the perfect read! I would give this book more than 5 stars if I could! I honestly can’t praise it enough. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Paige Matthews is now in my top favorite authors list. I most definitely recommend this book!

By Rebecca (5 stars):

Caleb is not your typical rock star, even though that’s not what his persona says! And Kat isn’t impressed by his fame. Sparks fly, after a little coaxing on Caleb’s part, and then Kat disappears! Finding each other a few years later, they find the spark is still there but Kat hesitates…she’s got a secret that she really doesn’t want to tell Caleb.

Loved everything about this book! Well developed storyline and characters and you just fall in love with all the unexpected romance! Definitely a five star read for me and I’ll recommend it to everyone that’s loves an awesome rocker romance!


By The Book Fairy (5 stars):

Mistakes, Regrets and consequences. These are the words that will best describe this story, those words and then theses- Forgiveness, love and passion. In the end that is what this story is all about. Faith fell in love with the man of her dreams. He was achieving his dreams of becoming a rock star and taking off. She got scared of losing herself and of losing him to bitterness. So what does she do? She runs, runs so far and hides herself so well that he doesn’t find her until 6 years later when she has a job to do with his band.

Gabe fell in love with the woman of his dreams at a young age and did the right thing, he married her. One day he wakes up and she is gone with just a note. He looked for her, but finally decided to live with the hole in his heart, until she shows up as the photographer for his tour.

Heartbreaking is tone of this book. Heartbreaking for him because he was suffering. Heartbreaking for her because she didn’t wan to hurt him anymore. Heart breaking because the love they felt for each other had not diminished and now they were dealing with the consequences of that betrayal and hurt. But the passion that oozed from the pages as you read about the attraction that electrifies the air when they are near each other is amazing.

I love that no matter how destructive he becomes to himself he finally realizes that he needs to have her in his life to feel normal and happy.

SO I started reading the book and fell asleep. Dreamed about Gabe and Faith and woke myself up at 3 am to finish the book. I couldn’t shake the story! And that my friends is what makes a book amazing!!!


By Laurie (5 stars):

I absolutely love this rocker series!!! I’ve been waiting to get Gabe’s story in my hands and I was not disappointed! Gabe Cross is the drummer for Double Cross. He is tattooed, sexy, alpha, and a sweetheart all rolled into one. I totally adore Gabe! Faith Maguire broke Gabe’s heart years ago, and the pain is still there even though he doesn’t let others see that side of him. Faith returns home to NC after being away for six years. She ends up working with the band and comes face to face with Gabe and the first time they see each other….WHOA!!! The chemistry these two have between them is off the charts! Being apart all those years did not extinguish the heat between them. Gabe and Faith have to learn how to work together and be civil with each other all while the sexual tension keeps building up. So what happens when the past collides with the present? Will Gabe and Faith be able to work through their issues? You will have to read it to find out! If you’re looking for a good rockstar read, you will definitely enjoy this one! The writing is flawless and Paige Matthews does an excellent job! Definitely 5 stars!!


By Denita Kee (5 stars):

I loved this book so much too. Those Cross brothers are hot as heck. And oh my do they know how to treat a lady in the bedroom. Omg! I have to admit I got really frustrated with Faith more than once. She hurt Gabe and her brother so badly. She was so stubborn I just wanted to shake her at times. Bit poor Gabe was one determined man that’s for sure. He was not going to give up on the woman he arrived for the last six years. Such a great series. I would love a book about Jax and Reese. Great, hot rocker series. Loved it!


By Bloggers From Down Under (5 stars):

Her name is Faith.

His name is Gabe.

*** ARC provided on behalf of the author for an honest review ***

They have a history. But after 6 long years apart what brings them back together? Do they still have a connection? A spark? Do they still love each other? Or are the scars of their past just too much to bare? Are there too many unanswered questions? Too many secrets? What will the truth reveal? Will the damage be done?

Crossover takes us on a journey of love lost and love found. Secrets kept and truth told. Hurt and denial. Regret and pain.

We simply couldn’t put this book down. We have never read any work from Paige Matthews before, but Crossover was brilliant. It was written beautifully and kept our attention from beginning to end. And the sex scenes…..Hot, hot, hot!!! We rate this book 10 out of 10 and is a definite must read. We look forward to reading more of Paige Matthews work!

By Allison Connors (5 stars):

Another great book in the Double Cross series. Gabe Cross is one hot drummer! Love his dirty ways! This book had me on page one. Love rocker books and this series was hot! Great characters…spice and heat! Give me more Paige Matthews!


By book boyfriend junkies (5 stars):

Faith is running from her past. She has a fiance and is a successful photographer. When she catches her fiance in bed with another woman, she flies home to where she grew up. Soon she finds out she had accepted a job with her past, so she tries to get out of it.

Gabe is the drummer for Double Cross and a known womanizer since getting his heart broken by Faith. When Gabe runs into Faith, at first he’s hurt, but then he wants answers about why she left.

Both Gabe and Faith keep secrets from each other.

This book was amazing! I couldn’t put it down. At times, I wanted to strangle Gabe for being such a douche. But I can see why he was hurt.

I cant wait to read more about this hunky rockstars.

By Jodie’s W.I.N.E (4 stars):

What an amazingly heartbreaking story. I loved the story behind Gabe and Faith, theirs is truly a perfect love gone wrong. Now, 6 years later, they are forced together for three long months. Three months where they need to admit to each other what happened all those years ago and either move on or build a new relationship.

I have to admit to not liking Faith very much. Through much of the story I had no idea what she had done was she felt was so terrible that she had to leave everyone she loved behind, including her husband, brother, and parents, and walk away from everything. More than walk away, more like hide. She even changed her name a couple times. Who does that??? It had to be pretty bad. Unless Faith was kidnapped at gunpoint, to me there was no way to justify her behavior. She was just selfish.

Gabe was incredibly confused and hurt. Who can blame him? He deserved to be treated better than that. To me, he was way more forgiving than he should have been. Yes, he was keeping things from Faith too, but really, his was no big deal comparatively.

In the end, I have mixed feelings about these two. They are both runners and I just feel like when the going gets tough again, one of them is going to run again. I’m just not too confident in their commitment to each other yet and that’s why I’m giving it 4 stars. Maybe after I see more of them in the series, I will change my mind.

By KOL79 (5 stars):

Love this series.I could not wait to read Gabe’s story. I really enjoy Gabe and Faith’s story. It was crushing to see what happened to the couple and why they were not together. You can feel the sexual tension while u were reading and rooting for them to get back together. It was heart wrenching, funny, sexy, I can’t get enough of these characters.

By Rebecca (5 stars):

Gabriel Cross is one quarter of the band Double Cross! He’s a hardcore rocker and loves women….he’s got a secret though… Enter Faith, Gabe’s ex, who also has a secret. She’s running from her past but, it’s finally caught up with her. Faith and Gabe have a past and it’s all going to be brought to the forefront and they’ll have to confront their issues to even think about having a relationship again…

Totally loved this story! All of the characters are involved with each other and the story just flows. Descriptions are awesome and makes you feel like you’re really there and the sex scenes are amazing!