Reviews of My Work

Here are some of the reviews that were posted on Amazon by readers for the series….

Reviews of Devour Me 

“The tale of Chloe and Lucas… They are real characters living and learning the lifestyle of BDSM. It’s evident this author did her homework and knows a lot regarding the emotions involved within the lifestyle. A great portrayal of a D/s (Dominate & submissive) relationship. Really feel in love with Marcus. I want to hear all about him…… This book is for lifestylers and vanillas alike…. Don’t hesitate another minute… Read it! Walk in their shoes… It’s a wonderful journey”

“This is a really great book. I love the story. Chloe and Lucas are a great couple, her ex needs to get what he’s deserves for what he did to Chloe. Hope it happens in the next book, that part was left unfinished, otherwise this is an awesome book”

“This book brings you through Chloe’s emotions and clearly she’s looking for a strong figure to protect her and Lucas seems to fit that to a T. He’s been her mentor and authority figure. Once she leans on him she realizes her own strength; her own power and it takes twists through this books. I loved the public scene at the Club…this writer clearly set that scene with exquisite detail, and I could even see the other ones playing out around them. All around delicious fun. Both characters change and fight their own internal battles and you, as the reader fight your own just hoping they can figure it out and come together”

“Devour Me is as surprising and brave as the talented and interesting Paige Matthews!!!!!!!!!! Chestnut Hill would not be the first place one would look for a club like Devoured, but Chloe and Lucas were the perfect couple to contrast both worlds with a surprise fairy tale ending.
As I said, ,,,,,,,,,,,you rock!!!!!!!!! When are Consume Me and Dominate Me coming out?  You can count me in to buy everything Paige Matthews writes.  In fact, I know you have more than three books in you for this series, and a big career ahead of you.”

Reviews of Consume Me

“The most surprising thing that I found with Consume Me, was how much I was emotionally invested. A lot of BDSM stories are focused solely around the club and the sex, and this wasn’t. There was a plot, an actual plot people! And one that interested me and had me wondering, a real, whodunnit.
Both Marcus and Emma had me intrigued in their pasts and wanting to learn more about them, and hoping that the author wasn’t going to be completely cruel and not let them hook up as more than just Master and Sub. (I’m not telling by the way, you’ll have to read it and find out!) In all honesty, all the characters that you meet in Consume Me will interest you, and there is clearly so much story left to tell, from various angles, because by the end of the story, all I wanted was MORE.
The club scene was well described without being crude, and yet it gave you a brilliant image of everything that was going on, and Paige really didn’t hold back on anything–seriously, ANYTHING, and that added so much to the book. With the full characters, well-rounded plot, and smoking-hot sex scenes you are in for a real treat!”

“Loved this story……a little about the Sean story from the first book not as much as I would have liked, but that’s just me. I wanted to see him him pay painfully for killing her baby in the first book. Great writing I will follow paige as a writer I’m really really liking her stories. Am absolutely loving her characters.”

“Wow, I’m not sure a book based on BDSM has ever made me feel emotionally connected to the characters, but somehow this author managed it. From the very start, I could tell Consume Me was different, and was more about the feelings and personalities than the BDSM, though that obviously still plays a huge part. I was soon drawn into their world, and loved seeing Emma and Marcus’s feelings develop as they got to know each other. The chemistry couldn’t be denied, but both have issues from their pasts that made for an interesting read. There’s no denying it’s a hot read, but with a softer side that made me more intrigued to keep reading. I wanted to see how it was all going to work out, though I’ve always been open minded and found myself learning a few things at the same time.”


Reviews for Crossroads

“Kat is a publicist, Caleb is a smoking hot rock star. Three years after a one night stand that rocked both of their worlds, Caleb hires Kat to be his assistant. There are secrets and lies, and a few more bumps in the road, but they both know deep down that they want each other.
The characters are well developed and real, the love scenes are passionate and vivid. The story is well crafted. Paige Matthews has written an intriguing story that leaves you breathless and wanting more.”

“I loved the heat between them. This book doesn’t have the BDSM the others do, but alpha male meets feisty woman and sparks fly. Kat and Caleb seem to fight no only with each other but themselves through this book and the sizzle speaks for itself in the very hot scenes.
There are fantastic romantic heart warming and melting moments. I love this little departure from her other books.”

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