Devour Me

My first novel and the first in the Devoured Club Series.
Love is giving him the power to destroy you but trusting him not to…-Unknown
Chloe Harper has lost all trust in men. After a BDSM scene gone wrong, Chloe never thought she would be able to explore her desires or trust again. Three years and a lot of pain later, Chloe finds herself face to face with Professor and BDSM club owner, Lucas Walker again.
Lucas Walker has spent the last couple of years protecting himself and his heart that is until his research assistant Chloe Harper walks into his office with a bruised face. After a confrontation with Chloe and her abusive boyfriend, Lucas vows to protect her at any cost, even if he loses himself in the process.
The two begin a journey of healing, trust building and explorations of desires. But is it enough for Chloe to overcome her abusive past and Lucas to release the control he desperately craves and thrives on…or will their pasts devour them?


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