Wicked Wednesdays~~ Kestra Gravier

  • Tell us five random facts about yourself.
    1. Absolutely no sense of rhythm
    2. Favorite flavor: Cinnamon (makes an appearance in Silver Chasings)
    3. Promise made to self in 8rd Grade: Groom would be tall enough that I could wear heels to my wedding
    4. Most recent gemstone: Druzy ring (Druzy is a thin layer of quartz crystals covering the surface of a host stone like the interior cavity of a geode)
    5. Most desired acquisition: Maine Coon Cat
  • Why did you begin writing?

I love to tell stories. Fleshing out an idea with the details of characters, settings, diabolical complications and happy endings is a joy. Sharing these creations with others, and experiencing their enjoyment is a pleasure and a privilege.

  • What do you hope to achieve writing in the BDSM/erotic genre?

The BDSM genre provides a layer of complexity in the characters’ interactions. I especially enjoy mixing someone’s love and/or fear of BDSM with the intricacies of their careers and life.

  • What do you believe is the hardest part of the writing process, specifically related to the BDSM genre?

That’s easy to answer—overall, letting go of the research and settling into the grind of turning out pages every day. (I’m not so good at the everyday part.)   For BDSM specifically, I like to find a balance between the fantasy and reality of BDSM activities, so the reader could maybe, possibly, imagine themselves partaking in a favorite scene.

  • Who are your inspirations? Mentors? Or favorite authors?

For the men in my books, I take particular pleasures in choosing a muse from someone I know and then telling them they are serving as an erotic muse. The male character is not based on, or reflective of, the muse—more like the muse serve as an inspiration for the character. It is a lot of fun to watch the guy’s face as pride wars with consternation when they think of themselves as an erotic inspiration.

I started reading The Story of O, then progressed to the A.N. Roquelaure (Anne Rice) Beauty Series, on through Laura Reese and today enjoy, among others, Joey W. Hill and Tiffany Reisz.

  • Do you write to entertain, to inform or both? How do you believe you accomplish this?

I write to entertain. That said, inconsistencies, anachronisms and outright factual errors that appear in a story make me crazy—I cannot let them stand, so deep down I must have some desire to inform.

If I can transport a reader out of their everyday lives so they can lose themselves in another time and place, I’ve accomplished my goal of entertaining.

  • Share a few of your “bucket list” items?
    1. Make the NYT Best seller list
    2. Live in Manhattan
    3. Lose 10 more pounds
    4. Learn how to sing
  • If you could have dinner with 3 people- past or present who would they be and why?
    1. Cleopatra
    2. Queen Elizabeth I
    3. Hillary Clinton

These three women had complicated romantic relationships and achieved great things both with the men in their lives and on their own. I would serve beaucoup liquor before, during and after dinner, and get these women to dish on life, politics, love and power.

Quick answers:

  • vanilla or chocolate?

Dark chocolate at skin temperature

  • Snow or Beach?

Beach at dawn after a night of…

  • Sandals, boots or sneakers

Sandals—left on the boardwalk

  • lazy Saturdays: naked, sweats or full blown dressed

Naked, with champagne and jazz

  • favorite food?


  • Favorite color?


  • Favorite time of day?

Cocktail hour

  • Favorite season?

Indian Summer

  • Favorite pastime?

See Snow or Beach above

  • Favorite drink?

Aujourd’hui—a champagne cocktail appearing in Silver Chasings


  • Tell us about what you are working on now?

The final tweaks/edits for Silver Chasings prior to this month’s publication, a workshop for the BDSM Writer’s Con in August and the sequel to Silver Chasings, a story that explores the murder first seen in Silver Chasings


Kestra Gravier lives on the water’s edge at various times on the Eastern Seaboard, Ohio River Valley and Lac Léman. She excels at writing characters with life experiences that drive their romances and adventures, and allows her characters to live in interesting settings.

Several career changes and way too much education provide a vast array of plot drivers for Kestra’s stories. Passion in the Great Hall at Hampton Court Palace? Flirtation with a Louisville iron sculptor? Zero-gravity flogging? Kestra lets you experience the sensations, the settings and the romance yourself.

Winner of the BDSM Writer Con inaugural Book Contest, receiving the highest praise from numerous reviewers for her short stories and novellas, Kestra continues to dramatize the stories welling in her imagination.

You can find out more about Kestra and her writing at http://www.kestragravier.com/ and on Facebook.

March 31st Release: Silver Chasings

Wicked Wednesdays~~Teresa Noelle Roberts

This week we have Teresa Noelle Roberts joining us on Wicked Wednesdays!!!!!!! She has brought us some information about her along with an excerpt from Out of Control

A quick bio of Teresa…

Teresa Noelle Roberts started writing stories in kindergarten and she hasn’t stopped yet. A prolific author of short erotica, she’s also a published poet and fantasy writer—but hot paranormals and BDSM-spiced contemporaries were her favorites. Then she discovered that SF romance offers new possibilities for wild sex and imaginative adventure, so she’s added that sub-genre to her repertoire.

Teresa is a crunchy granola girl who enjoys belly dance, yoga, medieval re-creation, playing in the ocean, cooking, and growing more vegetables than she and her husband can possibly eat. She’d enjoy sleeping, too. She thinks. But it takes so much time!

She shares her home in southern Massachusetts with her husband, a Leo in law enforcement, and two overstuffed cats. She and her husband often plan vacations around food, history, and/or proximity to water.

Web site: www.teresanoelleroberts.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorTeresaNoelleRoberts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeresNoeRoberts ( @TeresNoeRoberts).

And the interview!!!!!

  • Tell us five random facts about yourself.
    I write my naughty books under my real name.

I’m named for both my parents; my father was a Christmas-day baby and his middle name was Noel.

Left unsupervised, I’d be a crazy cat lady. Himself keeps me from taking them all home.

I cracked two vertebrae as a teen, but it wasn’t discovered until I was over forty.

Most of our yard is taken up with gardens.

  • Why did you begin writing? It was never a conscious decision. Writing is almost as necessary as food and oxygen. I can’t remember not writing, not being obsessed with words and stories. My mother has stories and poems I dictated as a preschooler.
  • What do you hope to achieve writing in the BDSM/erotic genre? My primary goal is to write fun, sexy stories with believable, interesting characters. But I hope to sneak in a little education about the lifestyle, especially safe, sane and consensual play, and the importance of communication, by having my characters model such things. Or sometimes, having them model doing something unwise and having to deal with the consequences.
  • Are you an active participant in the lifestyle or just an interested author? I’ve been in a 24/7 D/s relationship for nearly twenty years. I identify as a submissive.
  • What do you believe is the hardest part of the writing process, specifically related to the BDSM genre? I’m not sure this is the hardest part, necessarily, but one challenge is writing a good negotiation scene. It’s so important, especially in the earlier stages of a relationship, and I want my books to provide a healthy model for people who might just be starting to experiment with kink. But writing a scene like that so it isn’t boring is hard! Also because Himself and I been together so long—and also because of the degree of power exchange in our relationship—we don’t need to talk much about limits and safewords and the parameters of a particular scene unless we’re trying something completely new. But that’s the way you can play after two decades together. I don’t recommend it for everyone, and certainly not for my characters if they’re just getting to know each other as lovers and BDSM playmates.
  • Who are your inspirations? Mentors? Or favorite authors? My real provides a certain amount of inspiration. <Smug, evil grin.> Some of my favorite authors in the BDSM vein include Joey W. Hill, Cecilia Tan, Laura Antoniou (definitely erotica, not erotic romance), Alison Tyler, and a new author whose first book I was lucky enough to beta-read, Tamsen Parker. A list of all my favorite authors across genres would take up pages and pages.  **I love Joey and Laura- excited to meet Cecilia this year**
  • Do you write to entertain, to inform or both? How do you believe you accomplish this? Mostly I write to entertain, but I embed information for those who want it in what I hope is a good story. I try to make my scenes realistic and once in a while I’ll have something go wrong in the weird ways they sometimes do. My submissive characters have both spines and safewords. My Doms have flaws and insecurities. My characters aren’t gorgeous billionaires or kidnapped beauties who decide their captors’ kinky games are hot (not that there’s anything wrong with those fantasies when well done) but programmers, college professors, artists…people like those my readers might know, who just happen to be kinky as cheap garden hoses.

I’m talking here about my contemporary erotic romances and erotica. I also write erotic paranormal and SF romances, where I make no claims my characters are anything like the guy/gal next door. (Unless you live next door to a sexy shapeshifter or an attractive, anatomically compatible alien, in which case I want to come visit.)

  • Share a few of your “bucket list” items? In no particular order: hike the Grand Canyon; body-surf with Himself on the Hawaiian beach where he learned to do it; take a riverboat cruise on the Rhine; visit Alaska; see my name on a major best-seller list.
  • If you could have dinner with 3 people- past or present who would they be and why? My friend and honorary brother Gregg. He’s been dead nearly twenty years and I still miss him every day.

Emily Brontë, a talented and fascinatingly crazy woman. I suspect she’d love learning about BDSM. There are so many           undertones of dominance and submission in Wuthering Heights, even though I have no reason to think she knew D/s,             in the sense we’re talking about, existed.

And who wouldn’t like to have dinner with Leonardo da Vinci? Actually, what I’d really like to do is be a fly on the wall             while he dined with other Renaissance luminaries. That way I could hear him being brilliant and not worry about making            a fool of myself.

Quick answers:

  • vanilla or chocolate? You’re kidding, right? No vanilla for me! J
  • Snow or Beach? Beach! I like some things about winter, but after all the shoveling I’ve done this week, definitely beach.
  • Sandals, boots or sneakers. I’m not likely to wear sneakers. Otherwise, it depends on the weather.
  • lazy Saturdays: naked, sweats or full blown dressed. An ideal Saturday involves some naked time for obvious reasons and some dressed time so we can get out of the house and have an adventure. I’m terrible at lazy, so it’s rarely the sweats!
  • favorite food? That depends on when you ask me, but I’m a huge fan of good cheese.
  • Favorite color? Sapphire blue.
  • Favorite time of day? Anytime except right when the alarm rings. Once I’m awake, it’s always a good time.
  • Favorite season? I wouldn’t want to live somewhere without four distinct seasons because I love them all. Although I could do without any more major snow storms this winter, thank you very much!
  • Favorite pastime? I’m terrible at picking favorites, in case you haven’t figured that out. Some things I enjoy (other than the obvious “kinky good times between consenting adults”) include vegetable gardening, cooking, hiking, and of course reading.
  • Favorite drink? Right now I’ll go with whiskey, but I’m also partial to coffee, champagne, and rich, full-bodied red wines.


  • Tell us about what you are working on now? I’m revising the first in a series of erotic romances about kinky cougars and the hot, equally kinky younger men who love them, and working on a light-hearted spanking-oriented novella.
  • Anything you want to tell us that we didn’t cover? I have an erotic science fiction romance coming out in May. No BDSM, but lots of edgy sex.OutOfControl72web

Out of Control Blurb and Excerpt

Out of Control blurb:

He’s got her tied up, but she’s got him out of control.

Glass artist Jen Kessler has hit the jackpot—a cheap apartment in a charming Victorian house, complete with a sexy, intense, buttoned-down landlord…who may or may not have a riding crop in his bedroom.

She’s not looking for a lover, but when her innocent, impulsive hug sparks kisses as hot a molten glass, it leads to bondage, spankings, and more naughtiness that, up to now, she had only tasted.

His new tenant may have wild, dyed hair and an unconventional job, but Cornell math professor Drake Matthews admires the work ethic that got her out of debt. Then he’s stunned at how quickly she destroys decades of his carefully cultivated self control.

Soon their sexual and emotional passions push them to the edge—and beyond. But it’s not all good, dirty fun. As Drake takes more and more control of Jen in the bedroom, her deeply ingrained independent streak pushes back. And it’ll take more than a shared penchant for ropes, paddling, and coffee to overcome pasts that could unravel their relationship before it begins.

Warning: Contains kinky sex, molten glass, geeky higher mathematics, family secrets, and irresponsible consumption of coffee.


Drake laid one hand on the back of her neck. “Be still.” His voice was deep, calm, soothing. He stroked the nape of her neck as if he petted a beloved but jumpy pet. Something melted inside her, like glass would melt in a furnace, and she went limp across his lap.

“Good girl,” he whispered. “Surrender to the sensation. Surrender to me.” Still stroking her hair, he spanked her again.

Jen dimly though it may have been even harder than the other times. But the sting didn’t feel like pain. It felt like a gift, a gift Drake was giving to her, and that at the same time she was giving to him. Which made no sense, but the thought was the clear spring green of truth. She accepted it just like she accepted the pain and pleasure, the gentle hand on her head and the hard one smacking an ass that felt as red as her thoughts.

She was molten. She was soft and pooling, ready to be molded and shaped—another one of those nonsensical thoughts colored like truth. She wanted to squirm, try to rub herself to orgasm against the coarseness of denim and the hard muscles underneath. Wanted to push back and beg for more. Wanted. Wanted. But at the same time, she just wanted to see what Drake would do next. So far, she had no complaints, though it was hardly how she would have anticipated things going their first time together.

Hoped, maybe; anticipated, no.

The blows were coming faster now but felt lighter. Was that real or was that just because her clit and pussy were throbbing more than her butt was, making it impossible to think of pain as pain?

Colors exploded behind her eyelids, swirling together in impossible ways. She clung to the colors as best she could, some dim part of her knowing she could reproduce the effect, maybe even the surreal spangling, in glass if she could remember how it looked.

Then Drake let his fingers trail between her throbbing butt cheeks to stroke her pussy.

The colors exploded into fireworks of hues she saw only in dreams, and she exploded with them. No way could she capture those colors. She didn’t think she could see them again unless she was coming, and orgasms and hot glass would be a dangerous combination.

Though with Drake’s hand on the back of her neck, maybe she’d be safe, as safe as she felt now to let go with a cry and soar among the colors.

Buy links: Samhain / Amazon  / Amazon UK / B&N / Kobo / iTunes

Wicked Wednesdays ~~ Kira Barker

This week we have Kira Barker joining us on Wicked Wednesdays!!!!! A little about her before we see what she’s working on and a little more about her personally!
Kira Barker has always enjoyed telling stories. It has kept her sane through high school and college, and has become a true passion since. A geek gamer girl herself, she feels at home reading sci-fi and fantasy as much as writing romance. She likes her plots gritty, her smut realistic, and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty when it comes to research. When she’s not writing, she loves annoying her cats or cruising country roads on her motorcycle
 Author Logo
1) Tell us five random facts about yourself.
I have a thing for fast cars and motorcycles. I’m a crafty girl; I can knit, sew, crochet, and spin my own yarn from wool. Nothing is as relaxing as annoying my cats. Some women might complain about not having anything to wear – I never have enough to read! I’d rather watch an action movie than a RomCom.
2) Why did you begin writing?
If I hadn’t, I would have gone insane. I’ve been writing for more than half of my life now.
3) What do you hope to achieve writing in the BDSM/erotic genre?
Provide readers with quality smut. Just because sex is oozing from the page doesn’t mean that you can’t have great characters and interesting plot twists.
4) Are you an active participant in the lifestyle or just an interested author?
Active participant for over a decade now. I identify as a switch.
5) What do you believe is the hardest part of the writing process, specifically related to the BDSM genre?
Writing realistically and not making people run for the hills. And describing what is going on in a scene so the reader still knows what is going on.
6) Who are your inspirations? Mentors? Or favorite authors?
I greatly admire Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy.
7) Do you write to entertain, to inform or both? How do you believe you accomplish this?
Both, although in a pinch I’ll go for entertain over inform – I’d write nonfiction if that was my main endeavor in life. I believe in portraying BDSM as realistically as possible, and I think that’s the way to go. It might alienate people who don’t understand the dynamics, but maybe my stories will make them re-think their prejudice?
8) Share a few of your “bucket list” items?
Finally get that tattoo I promised myself for my first published book. Travel to the US and Canada for the first time, and visit Iceland again. Fill an entire shelf with my paperbacks.
9) If you could have dinner with 3 people – past or present – who would they be and why?
My significant other, my best friend, and her husband. Because our dinner dates are always hilarious!
Quick answers:
10) vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate
11) Snow or Beach? Beach
12) Sandals, boots or sneakers? Sandals
13) lazy Saturdays: naked, sweats or full blown dressed? Sweats in winter, naked in summer
14) favorite food? Salad & steak
15) Favorite color? Green
16) Favorite time of day? Dusk
17) Favorite season? Spring
18) Favorite pastime? Reading.
19) Favorite drink? Water.
20) Tell us about what you are working on now? 
I’m right now writing the second book of my two-part erotic thriller series Hunter & Prey, and I have the sequel to my debut novel Caught in the Middle in the editing stage.
21) Anything you want to tell us that we didn’t cover?
I hope that in the coming years we will see more diversity in kinky erotica! As much fun as the typical male Dom / female sub pairing is, it’s only a fraction of the fun that is to be had. I’d love for erotica stories to represent that.

Wicked Wednesdays~~Dr. Charley Ferrer

Joining us today is Dr. Charley Ferrer, the foremost expert on Dominance and submission in the US, who will be discussing BDSM and her amazing conference for writers, readers and anyone interested in discovering the true meaning of power exchange. We had a few questions for her and she was kind enough to respond.
Dr. Charley welcomes your questions thus feel free to ask a few below.

Tell us a little about what people can expect if they attend BDSM Writers Con?BDSMWritersCon_Flyer_V25

BDSM Writers Con is not like any other writer’s or reader’s conference. We are dedicated to the education of authors and readers and helping them understand what Dominance and submission really is. We offer two educational tracks: one for everyone and one geared towards writers needs such as marketing and self-publishing. Though, the writer’s track is geared to publishing and marketing in the BDSM genre and helping an author build their platform.

Our BDSM workshops and live demos are taught by BDSM experts who have been in the lifestyle for many years and who are dedicated to the empowerment of all who seek to embrace this lifestyle as well as those who are merely curious to discover what it’s all about.

Aside for the educational aspects of the conference, we host several Mix & Mingles where authors and readers can have fun with each other and share a few laughs. Plus, we host a private BDSM club night where participants get to see first-hand men and women interacting in D/s activities and they can participant in the activities as well.

Plus an added bonus, we host a BDSM Book Fair & Fetish Vending event on Sunday which is open to the public to allow them to meet their favorite authors, discover new ones and check out a few naughty adult toys as well.

Why did you create BDSM Writers Con?

BDSM Writers Con began as a 3-Day BDSM Intensive for writers; however, readers also wanted to join in and take part in the education. I’ve been teaching and advocating about Dominance and submission for almost 20-years in private mentorship groups, to lifestyle individuals and medical/mental health professionals. It dawned on me that I could help decrease the misconceptions and prejudices toward our community if author (and readers) were educated and discovered the truths about BDSM so they could portray a realistic version of what Dominance and submission really is.

I know you’re also a writer; what projects are you working on now?

I completing my audio program, BDSM Intensive which will be available by March. It holds over 12 hours of valuable information about Dominance and submission from workshops and conferences I’ve conducted throughout the US. It’s LIVE & UNCENSORED and I reveal many truths and dispel many misconceptions allowing the listener to garner a better, more realistic, understanding of what BDSM is and isn’t. It’s available for pre-order through my website.   www.BDSMwriterscon.com/BDSM-Intensive

This is the perfect gift for anyone who isn’t able to come to BDSM Writers Con or wants to have a “private” one-on-one mentorship session with me. Authors will find the information invaluable to them in helping them write their stories and everyone else will be thrilled by the various examples and down-to-earth information and advice provided about:

  • Getting started in BDSM
  • Protocols & Rituals
  • Punishments & Corrective Measures
  • Training a slave
  • Embracing your Dominant or submissive side
  • Ways to thrill and deliciously torment your partner
  • And much more…

Tell us five random facts about yourself.

  1. I love to travel and explore. I was recently called a female Indiana Jones since I enjoy shooting, cracking whips and exploring ancient sites and temples.
  2. I’m ex-military & repelled out of helicopters.
  3. I am shy at times and old-fashion. Yes, I enjoy being courted and all the chivalrous things men do.
  4. I am the Founder & CEO of BDSM Writers Con.
  5. I’m currently learning how to fly helicopters.

BDSM The Naked Truth 2nd EditionBDSM Intensive -- Audio 2


Quick answers:

Vanilla or chocolate?   Vanilla

Snow or Beach? Beach

Sandals, boots or sneakers.   Barefooted

Lazy Saturdays: naked, sweats or full blown dressed. Depends who I’m with.

Favorite food? Lobster seafood mix

Favorite color? Blood red

Favorite time of day? 2a.m

Favorite season? Fall

Favorite pastime? Exploring

Favorite drink? Frozen strawberry margaritas

Dr  Charley Ferrer  Press PictureDr. Charley Ferrer is a world-renowned Clinical Sexologist and the foremost expert on BDSM in the US. She is the host and founder of BDSM Writers Con and conducts workshops throughout the US, Latin America and China. Doctor Charley is the award winning author of the international bestseller, BDSM The Naked Truth. To learn more about her or the conference go to: www.DoctorCharley.com or www.BDSMwriterscon.com

Wicked Wednesdays: Cecilia Tan

Cecilia Tan will be the keynote speaker at the upcoming BDSM Writers Con in New York City! She has been writing and publishing BDSM erotica since 1992, quite a pioneer in the field. In addition to writing award-winning novels like last year’s SLOW SURRENDER (which won an RT Reviewer’s Choice award and the Maggie Award for Excellence) she has been an active member of the BDSM community, teaching classes, running events, and writing nonfiction since the nineties. Here’s a short interview with her.

cecilia-tan-bwc-banner (1)

  • Tell us five random facts about yourself.

Oh goodness. There’s nothing random about me. Everything is planned to meticulous detail. Okay, I’m totally kidding. Everything about me is random. How about these: 1) I used to be a professional ski instructor. 2) I got my black belt in 1995. 3) When I was a child the only food I wouldn’t eat was mashed sweet potatoes. 4) I’m a tea addict. 5) I used to play the sousaphone.

  • Why did you begin writing? 

I’ve been writing literally as far back as I can remember. When I was about three or four years old my mother would give me construction paper and crayons and instead of just drawing on it like the other kids I’d fold over the paper and make it like a book. She had taught me to spell my name and one day I realized because of the two C’s in my name, hey, the letters correspond to the sounds they make! And I started writing titles and “th end” on my papers so they would be like the children’s books I had. I was literally writing before I could read. Or spell! It was my first form of creative expression and I’ve always kept with it.

  • What do you hope to achieve writing in the BDSM/erotic genre?

I’ve always been about celebrating desire and erotic fire, and about depicting the hotness in power exchange that comes from consent and bonding between partners. My first BDSM story was called “Telepaths Don’t Need Safewords.” I love how BDSM role-playing bonds people together and can make you feel like you can read each other’s minds.

  • Are you an active participant in the lifestyle or just an interested author? 

Oh, active participant! I threw my first BDSM play party in 1992.

  • What do you believe is the hardest part of the writing process, specifically related to the BDSM genre?

For me the hardest part these days is trying to counteract the mixed messages the audience may have gotten from 50 Shades of Grey. Understand: it’s perfectly okay to have a pushy borderline stalker as your hero if that’s the fantasy you’re into. That’s a staple of some genres of romance. But because 50 Shades explicitly mixes that trope with BDSM, I find it’s important to inform people that’s NOT what BDSM actually is. I think most readers figure that out pretty quickly but it’s important to me to show how consent works and to show a diversity of relationship styles.

  • Who are your inspirations? Mentors? Or favorite authors?

My early mentors were all science fiction writers. Authors like Joan Vinge and Shariann Lewitt and Ellen Kushner took the time to encourage me and give me advice when I was fresh out of college and trying to get my career going.

  • Do you write to entertain, to inform or both? How do you believe you accomplish this?

Both. I write to communicate, to engage people, to take them on a journey. If a fiction writer has done her job right, by the end of that journey both the main character and the reader have changed and have learned a lot.

  • Share a few of your “bucket list” items?

One of these years I’m going to learn to play the game of go, and I’d like to visit the Go Association headquarters in Tokyo. Visit Paris: I’ve been to a lot of foreign cities but not that one, yet. Learn Chinese calligraphy.

  • If you could have dinner with 3 people- past or present who would they be and why?

Babe Ruth, Mozart, and Mikhail Baryshnikov, because it would be fascinating to talk to people who were the undisputed best at what they did during their careers.

Quick answers:

  • vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate!
  • Snow or Beach? Neither. Forest.
  • Sandals, boots or sneakers? Boots.
  • lazy Saturdays: naked, sweats or full blown dressed? Writer uniform: bathrobe.
  • favorite food? Soup.
  • Favorite color? Black.
  • Favorite time of day? Midnight.
  • Favorite season? Autumn.
  • Favorite pastime? Watching baseball. (It used to be playing baseball, but I’m retired from playing now!)
  • Favorite drink? My favorite cocktail is the Vieux Carre. But not every bartender can make it, so I’ll settle for a bourbon manhattan with a cherry


  • Tell us about what you are working on now?

I’m working on a new BDSM trilogy for Hachette! The series name is Secrets of a Rock Star, and I suppose you could say it’s also BDSM “billionaire,” but the difference is the billionaire is the heroine. The first book should be titled TAKING THE LEAD and if I meet my deadlines it should be out in January 2016.

  • Anything you want to tell us that we didn’t cover?

I want to encourage more writers to explore BDSM. Don’t be afraid to just because you’ve seen 50 Shades get criticized or because now you’re worried the “fad is over.” They’ve been saying the vampire “fad” is over for 20 years and I guarantee you it isn’t. BDSM isn’t about to disappear either. But if you’re not in the lifestyle, don’t be afraid to go out and meet the members of your local BDSM community. Find a munch through Fetlife or an event like the Fetish Fair Fleamarket. Or like BDSM Writers Con, for that matter! We’re very friendly and we don’t bite…unless you ask us to very very nicely.

About the Author:

Cecilia Tan is the author of Slow Surrender, The Siren and the Sword, The Prince’s Boy, Daron’s Guitar Chronicles, and many other novels and works. To see her full list of awards, accolades, and publications, visit CeciliaTan.com. Her most recent release is a new edition of THE TOWER AND THE TEARS, the second book in her new adult erotic fantasy series, Magic University.

Website & blog: http://blog.ceciliatan.com

Tumblr: @ceciliatan

Twitter: @ceciliatan

Instagram: @ctanwriter

Publisher pages:

Hachette: http://www.hachettebookgroup.com/authors/cecilia-tan/

Riverdale Avenue Books: http://riverdaleavebooks.com/Books?Filters.SelectedAuthorId=20


Tower-and-Tears_Amazon_400 (1)

On sale at:

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/510143

Amazon: http://amzn.com/B00RW7SERU

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-tower-and-the-tears-cecilia-tan/1121045794?ean=2940149889327

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Combining the freshness and excitement of new adult romance with a paranormal setting reminiscent of Harry Potter, The Tower and the Tears is the second volume in Cecilia Tan’s Magic University series.

Kyle is a college sophomore worrying about the usual things students do, like what he’s going to major in and getting along with his dorm mates, but he attends a most unusual college. He’s a student at Veritas, the hidden magical university inside Harvard. Kyle finds he has a talent for sex magic, and when Ciara, a girl in his sex magic class, has a crush on him and needs a practice partner, he looks like he’s in for a very pleasurable semester of study. But can Kyle pass the grueling tests necessary to be accepted into the Esoteric Arts program, including the bisexuality requirement?

When a professor is mysteriously attacked, Kyle finds himself embroiled in a mystery deeper than university department politics. Someone has been stealing magical artifacts and the dean suspects Ciara, sending Kyle on a quest to discover the real culprit. Kyle will learn sizzling sexual technique and unleash powerful magic on his incredible erotic journey, but is the study of sex really the route to true love? Perhaps what Kyle needs to learn about most is himself.