Book Reviews


Although most of the book reviews I do are under my publishing entity….I’ve chosen to add them to this page as well (going forward that is.. ) Hope you all enjoy.

If you are an author looking for an honest opinion from another author and book lover- give me a shout out. Email me at or send me a message on Facebook I’ve added my review policy below:

1) Genres Reviewed: I primarily review erotica, as my blog focuses on erotic themes. However, as long as you are not opposed to it, I will review contemporary romance, new adult, mysteries and Chicklit.

2) Please contact me with the genre and a blurb of your novel prior to my accepting of your novel for review.

3) I give honest reviews! I try not to criticize the author, but give a valued opinions on style, plot, characters, etc. I will not edit any reviews that I post unless there is a glaring grammatical or spelling mistake. My review is my review.

4) I reserve the right to deny reviewing a novel even after I have begun reading it although I try and read the entire novel in order to give the most honest and unbiased review possible.

5) I DO NOT charge for my reviews and they are done on my time, please be considerate of that fact. I am usually able to read and review within a two week turn around.

6) I prefer either a .mobi version or PDF version of your novel as I read on My IPad. I am on NetGalley and are able to accept invitations on that platform as well.

If you are still interested please contact me at one of the following social media tools:

Facebook: (by PM only)
NetGalley: Paige Matthews

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