Holy shit Batman!

Not the normal start of a blog post for me, but I believe that the last post I did was ridiculously long ago. So what have I been up to?? Way too much to even recount. We’ve seen the release of Crossfire and the Encore Boxed set, I’ve just finished Devil’s Playground an ex-SEAL, MC, Light BDSM book! That is at the editor as we speak!

On a more personal level, the last year (without publishing anything) has been busy. I’ve graduated nursing school, passed the boards, found a job, left said job after 12 weeks and now found another job that I feel I was meant to be at-minus the long ass hours. So, no that has not allowed me anytime for writing or life.

Now add in some health problems, which I still don’t have all the answers to and we have the makings for a new book. But I swear, I am taking my time to get well and back in the grove of things. I will be back better than ever. So if you wanna chat, hit me up on the social media sites that I may or may not a few times a day! I’m active on Snap Chat and Instagram lately. Was more active last year, but hey that’s life.

Snap Chat: @authorpaigem
Instagram: @authorpaigematthews
Twitter: @paigematthews_3
Facebook: http://www.fb.com/authorpaigematthews

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