Crossfire is LIVE!!!!!!

Yup you heard right! The third and final installment of the Double Cross Series is live on Amazon! Grab your copy now!!!!!!!


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I’ve known him half my life and I’ve spent half my life fighting my feelings for him. Our relationship isn’t typical nor is it normal; it’s just us. He knows every crevice of me; my likes, my hates, my needs, my quirks. I don’t know what changed but nothing is the same as it was. The closer I fly towards the fire, the more I fear I’ll get burned.


I took her virginity and we’ve been inseparable since. Best friends for over seventeen years, she’s seen me at my best, at my worst and everywhere in between. The primal need that fills me deep inside to protect her, to claim her is getting more and more difficult to ignore. When did friendship morph into something more? Or were the lines always this blurred?

When our pasts finally collide with the present, how do we survive the crossfire?



“Afternoon, baby girl,” he said without turning to look at me.

“Fuck off,” I responded as I walked past him and down the hall to my room. I didn’t hear him until the bedroom door shut and I was pushed up against it.

“You keep talking like that and I might just have to show you what you’ve been missing.” His face was inches from mine; the heat of his breath against my neck. My body relaxed against the door. As much as I’d tried to fight whatever this was between us all these years, this was when I felt most comfortable, most at home.

“I should throw you over my knee and spank the attitude out of you,” he hissed as his hands caressed the globes of my ass.

“Jax…” I moaned as he continued to move his hands over my body.

“Baby girl, you know I am the only one that can give you what you need, not judge you for it.”

I shut my eyes and gave into the sensations that plagued my body. I felt the familiar twinge of excitement in my core. The memories flooded my mind.

“Jax…” I moaned again as he shifted his weight against me, his erection against my abdomen. With him being over a foot taller than me, proportions were off.

Jax moved his hands to my wrists and I dropped the bags I was carrying as he pulled my arms above my head. Securing my hands with just one of his, he moved his free one to the collar of my tank top.

“Just say it…”



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