Double Cover Reveal~Interference and Deflection

Thank you to Raven’s Seduction Press for this wonderful opportunity! Here are the covers for Interference and Deflection, the first two books in the In The Zone Series.

Three Friends. Three Elite  hockey pros. Three Dominants-on and off the ice.

Meet Micah, Ryan and Colin in Paige Matthews’ new BSDM Series that follow three friends, Dominants and hockey players as they dominate on and off the ice.





Twelve years ago I lost everything I loved. I lost the ability to play the one sport that I had given every drop of sweat and tear to. A career ending injury and a three-day coma left me hearing the words a player never wants to hear.

Since that day, I have made it my goal to break into the one world a female hasn’t entered yet: The NHL, and specifically – Head Athletic Trainer. Finally getting my chance to prove myself, I will not let anything or anyone stand in the way of my new dreams…until he shatters every ounce of control that I’ve hidden behind for years.

His arrogance, his determination, and his God-damn near perfect physique set my body on fire. The more I try to stay away, the more I am drawn to him. And the one night I give in to him- I lose.


I value nothing more than dominating – on and off the ice. Nothing can deter my focus or my attention from taking my chance to prove to the world that I can capture the ultimate goal: the Stanley Cup. Coming off a heartbreaking loss in last year’s finals, the new season is full of promise and records. Until she walks in…

The newest Athletic Trainer of the NY Hawks, and sister of my biggest rival, Jessica McAdams sets my body aflame: a reaction I haven’t felt in a long time. From the first moment I saw her at the club and heard her name mentioned around the locker room, I was taken.

I could see through her walls, the false defenses she had put up. She tries to pretend she is a stone cold and in charge woman, but I see the promise of what is underneath. The more she pushes me away, the more I come to desire her, need her, dominate her! What starts as a mission to take control of her rough exterior becomes something I can’t live without – and she becomes the one thing I need more in my life than anything else. Even if she doesn’t want me back.

Interference available 4/3/15




I had everything I wanted in life until one day I lost it all. A career ending injury and parents that turned their back on me, I was determined to make something of myself again.

Until Ryan Jameson walks into my life and changes it. Everything I thought I wanted, everything I thought I knew, was just that-thoughts.

The connection is undeniable, the lust unrelenting. He changes everything…but will it last?


I value my privacy.

I rely on my dominance-on and off the ice.

I believed I had everything I ever wanted or needed….

Everything was fine until she walked into my life.

The connection we have is indescribable; the passion never ending.

I never thought I’d fall again, but I couldn’t get enough.

Now the past I’ve worked so hard to keep protected threatens to tear us apart before we have even begun.

Can we overcome it or will it just be another deflection?

Deflection available 4/17/15

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