Wicked Wednesdays~~Dr. Charley Ferrer

Joining us today is Dr. Charley Ferrer, the foremost expert on Dominance and submission in the US, who will be discussing BDSM and her amazing conference for writers, readers and anyone interested in discovering the true meaning of power exchange. We had a few questions for her and she was kind enough to respond.
Dr. Charley welcomes your questions thus feel free to ask a few below.

Tell us a little about what people can expect if they attend BDSM Writers Con?BDSMWritersCon_Flyer_V25

BDSM Writers Con is not like any other writer’s or reader’s conference. We are dedicated to the education of authors and readers and helping them understand what Dominance and submission really is. We offer two educational tracks: one for everyone and one geared towards writers needs such as marketing and self-publishing. Though, the writer’s track is geared to publishing and marketing in the BDSM genre and helping an author build their platform.

Our BDSM workshops and live demos are taught by BDSM experts who have been in the lifestyle for many years and who are dedicated to the empowerment of all who seek to embrace this lifestyle as well as those who are merely curious to discover what it’s all about.

Aside for the educational aspects of the conference, we host several Mix & Mingles where authors and readers can have fun with each other and share a few laughs. Plus, we host a private BDSM club night where participants get to see first-hand men and women interacting in D/s activities and they can participant in the activities as well.

Plus an added bonus, we host a BDSM Book Fair & Fetish Vending event on Sunday which is open to the public to allow them to meet their favorite authors, discover new ones and check out a few naughty adult toys as well.

Why did you create BDSM Writers Con?

BDSM Writers Con began as a 3-Day BDSM Intensive for writers; however, readers also wanted to join in and take part in the education. I’ve been teaching and advocating about Dominance and submission for almost 20-years in private mentorship groups, to lifestyle individuals and medical/mental health professionals. It dawned on me that I could help decrease the misconceptions and prejudices toward our community if author (and readers) were educated and discovered the truths about BDSM so they could portray a realistic version of what Dominance and submission really is.

I know you’re also a writer; what projects are you working on now?

I completing my audio program, BDSM Intensive which will be available by March. It holds over 12 hours of valuable information about Dominance and submission from workshops and conferences I’ve conducted throughout the US. It’s LIVE & UNCENSORED and I reveal many truths and dispel many misconceptions allowing the listener to garner a better, more realistic, understanding of what BDSM is and isn’t. It’s available for pre-order through my website.   www.BDSMwriterscon.com/BDSM-Intensive

This is the perfect gift for anyone who isn’t able to come to BDSM Writers Con or wants to have a “private” one-on-one mentorship session with me. Authors will find the information invaluable to them in helping them write their stories and everyone else will be thrilled by the various examples and down-to-earth information and advice provided about:

  • Getting started in BDSM
  • Protocols & Rituals
  • Punishments & Corrective Measures
  • Training a slave
  • Embracing your Dominant or submissive side
  • Ways to thrill and deliciously torment your partner
  • And much more…

Tell us five random facts about yourself.

  1. I love to travel and explore. I was recently called a female Indiana Jones since I enjoy shooting, cracking whips and exploring ancient sites and temples.
  2. I’m ex-military & repelled out of helicopters.
  3. I am shy at times and old-fashion. Yes, I enjoy being courted and all the chivalrous things men do.
  4. I am the Founder & CEO of BDSM Writers Con.
  5. I’m currently learning how to fly helicopters.

BDSM The Naked Truth 2nd EditionBDSM Intensive -- Audio 2


Quick answers:

Vanilla or chocolate?   Vanilla

Snow or Beach? Beach

Sandals, boots or sneakers.   Barefooted

Lazy Saturdays: naked, sweats or full blown dressed. Depends who I’m with.

Favorite food? Lobster seafood mix

Favorite color? Blood red

Favorite time of day? 2a.m

Favorite season? Fall

Favorite pastime? Exploring

Favorite drink? Frozen strawberry margaritas

Dr  Charley Ferrer  Press PictureDr. Charley Ferrer is a world-renowned Clinical Sexologist and the foremost expert on BDSM in the US. She is the host and founder of BDSM Writers Con and conducts workshops throughout the US, Latin America and China. Doctor Charley is the award winning author of the international bestseller, BDSM The Naked Truth. To learn more about her or the conference go to: www.DoctorCharley.com or www.BDSMwriterscon.com

One thought on “Wicked Wednesdays~~Dr. Charley Ferrer

  1. Hi Paige,
    Thank you so much for having me on your blog. I loved sharing time with you and your fans. I’d love to personally invite everyone to join us for BDSM Writers Con August 20-23, 2015 in NYC. And of course, they’ll get a chance to spend the weekend with you as they learn fabulous information about Dominance and submission and join us for a little hands-on stuff too. Plus, you’ll be able to autograph all their books and especially your Golden Flogger Award nomination book.

    Live with passion,
    Dr. Charley Ferrer

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