FREE___A Devoured Christmas, part 1

A Devoured Christmas



“Did you get the present for Ally for Christmas?” I asked Aiden as I ran my hand across his sculpted back. He was sitting in the office at the apartment when I arrived home from work. Ally was at the bakery helping Emma with a last minute order.

“Hmm,” Aiden moaned as I moved my hands down his chest. “Yes. I picked up the pendant she was looking at last month.” He turned around in the chair and was now perfect height. A glimmer appeared in his eyes, and I could feel myself getting harder. Aiden moved his hand over the semi-erect bulge in the front of my black cargo pants, and I shut my eyes and let out a hiss.

“Sub…I don’t think that is a good idea right now, “ I growled as his fingers lowered the zipper and teased the hair inside.

“Why not, Sir? We have a few minutes.” Aiden dropped to his knees and shimmied my pants down. My cock bounced out, and I felt his hand grip the base of my shaft. Aiden tightened the pressure around it, and I rolled my eyes back into my head as his hand began to move up and down.

“Jesus Christ, Aiden.” The heat and warmth of his mouth enclosed around my dick, the moisture finding its way down the length of my cock as Aiden began to suck his way up and down. His tongue caressed my perineum before he surged my hardness back into his mouth. Aiden quickly set up a rhythm, and I felt myself thrusting with it. I gripped the back of his head and controlled his movements.

“That’s it…just like that,” I said between breaths. Aiden began to suck harder, and I could feel my balls tighten. I was close to coming, so I pulled him closer to me, testing his ability to deep throat my dick as I expelled the first surge of my cum down his throat. “Take it all, Aiden. That’s it.” I pumped the last of my release into him and pulled out of his mouth. I looked down at him and pulled him to his feet.

Aiden wrapped his arms around my waist as I cupped his face with my hands, pulling him in for a kiss. I gently teased his mouth until he opened up, and I pushed my tongue into him, tasting the remnants of my release. I pulled back and looked at him. “We have to go.”

“I know,” he responded with a trace of defeat in his voice.

“We will take care of you later,” I said as I placed another kiss on his lips. “We are due at the club in a half an hour.” It was Friday night, and the club was having a holiday party. It was actually the girls’ idea, something new to add to the merry old time we all usually had. This event meant additional security was needed; members were allowed to bring guests who needed to be background checked, and, of course, we opened the club up to the public. They needed to pre-RSVP so that we could secure the proper security for them. I took the safety of the club members and guests very seriously, and this event meant additional nights at the club, and more hours than I usually put in during the week.

“Yeah, I know. Ally gave me my costume this morning.” Aiden held up a red g-string and pair of green suspenders with an elf hat.

I burst out laughing. “Seriously?”

He nodded.

“I can’t wait to see what she has in store for herself.”

Aiden shook his head. “Oh, I’ve seen that one too, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy.”

“I can order you to tell me, sub.”

“I’ll safe word, Sir.” A smile crept on his face as we both laughed and headed to the car. Because Ally was at the bakery, she was going to meet us at the club after her and Emma were through with the order they were working on.

It had been a few months since the three of us had gotten married, and about a year since Aiden had barreled his way back into my life. We had adjusted well to the new living conditions and to the dynamic that we now shared. A poly-relationship wasn’t an easy one to maintain, nor explain, but it worked for us, and I was the happiest I’d been in a very long time.

“Something on your mind, Dev?” Aiden asked as I drove to the club.

“Just thinking.”

“About?” he asked again.

“Nothing for you to worry about.” I ran my hand along his thigh. “We still need to figure out what else we are getting Ally for her present,” I said, attempting to change the subject.

“Ah, we do. I think a few new outfits, and maybe a new paddle? But would that be enough? The woman puts up with the two of us, and I’m not sure a material gift would be enough.”

I nodded. She had accepted us as we were, and although I couldn’t survive without her, I also couldn’t deny my need for Aiden either. We arrived at the club and entered through the back entrance. I headed to the office, discovering that Marcus and Lucas were already in.

“Hey man, what’s up?” Marcus asked as I sat down at my desk.

“Nothing much. You?” I asked as I turned on my computer.

“The same,” he replied. “Have you talked to the girls?” he asked as I looked up.


“When they were getting here?” Marcus responded.

“No. Ally said she would be here after they finished the order. I can’t believe that you haven’t talked to your bride-to-be at all today!”

“Talk, no. Enjoy, yes.” He laughed as he turned his attention to Lucas, who let out a chuckle.

“How have you been, Luc?” I asked, looking over at him sitting at his desk. Lucas and Chloe had moved back their wedding after the debacle that was London, and they were now supposed to be getting married on New Year’s Eve. Emma and Marcus’ wedding was scheduled for March. It had been a whirlwind of a year.

“Going crazy, my friend. Chloe is insane with the wedding in a week, and I am wishing we could just fly to the Caribbean and get married there.”

I laughed. We had whisked everyone off to the beach to celebrate our wedding. “Well, you did tell her to plan the wedding of her dreams.” I tilted my head and looked at him.

“You are correct. I didn’t think she would go this crazy.” We laughed as Chloe entered into the office.

“What are you laughing about?” she asked as she walked over to Lucas and sat in his lap.

“Just about the wedding, love,” Lucas responded, kissing her. Chloe was dressed in a green velvet skirt and a red velvet bustier. Her legs were covered with stripped stockings, secured under the skirt. A Santa hat graced her head.

“Well, the club is decorated and ready to go. Emma just texted and said they would be here shortly.”

We all nodded and turned back to our work. I grabbed my clipboard and stood up. “See you all out there.” I left the office and walked across to the main dungeon area, and saw that it was decorated with a Christmas theme. A “Santa” chair was placed on the main stage, the suspension rigs were wrapped in tinsel garlands, and mini Christmas trees were lighted around the playroom.

I walked to the main bar to find Aiden dressed in his get up, stocking the bar. “That’s a nice view from here,” I quipped.

He turned around and smiled. “Well, I do feel like an idiot.”

“You look hot though.” It was true. He did look hot. The outfit left nothing to the imagination, as the material only covered his dick. His sculpted ass was free for anyone to see, the tattoos that covered his torso, shoulders and arms brought attention to his muscles. The little hat added the final touch.

“Glad I look hot, as I feel like an ass, and I will spank her later for this.” A wicked smile graced his face.

“Only if I allow you,” I responded back. I turned to see Ally and Emma strolling into the main dungeon area. Both were dressed identical to Chloe. Watching Ally walk toward me dressed in those stripped stockings, green velvet skirt and the red bustier had my cock hard again.

“Good evening, Sir,” her voice purred as I pulled her roughly to my body. My dick rubbed against her abdomen as I dipped my head to take her mouth.

“Good evening, Pumpkin. You look amazing, but I believe Aiden has a few issues with his costume,” I said after I pulled back from the kiss.

Ally looked around me and smiled. “I don’t see any issues with it.”

“I don’t either,” I said, as Aiden growled behind me. “What’s wrong, sub?”

“Nothing, Sir. Nothing at all, except my ass is cold and my junk is out for all to see.” He placed a bottle of vodka on the counter.

“Stop whining or I will punish you later,” I replied and turned back to Ally. “Stay close to Emma and Chloe. Marcus and Lucas are monitoring the floor tonight. More people than normal will be here, thanks to your wonderful idea.” A sarcastic smile graced my face. “After it dies down, we will go to the room.”

Ally nodded, and I placed a quick kiss on her lips before making my way to Aiden to claim him as well. I walked to the front door, leaving the two of them together; it was a sight that made me happy.


“You look amazing,” I said to Emma as I pulled her close to me. Her and Ally had just arrived, both of them dressed in matching outfits to Chloe’s. We were all at the club for the first annual Devoured Christmas Kink Party. The girls had had the idea, of course, and it was one that brought a lot of kinky people into the club.

“Thank you, Sir. I anticipate the fun of taking what is left of it off later.”

“Trust me, that will be the best early Christmas present ever,” I responded, dipping my head to hers and lightly brushing my lips across her mouth. Emma responded by opening her mouth, allowing me the access I craved. I thrust my tongue into her mouth, greedily exploring the cavern.

I pulled back, slightly breathless, and cupped her face. “The things you do to me, princess.” I grinded my cock into her abdomen to show her exactly what I meant.

“As you do to me,” she said back.

“I bet you are soaked under this skirt.” I snaked my hand between our legs and ran it up the front of her thigh. I could feel the heat of her arousal as I neared. The wetness soaked through her barely-there panties. “Indeed, you are.”

I flicked the hoop of metal that rested at the top of her pussy, eliciting a deep growl. “That’s my girl. I can’t wait to bury my face in this pussy later.” Another flick of her piercing, and another moan rewarded me. I placed another quick kiss on her lips. “I have to get on the floor, guests should be arriving soon. Stay close to Ally and Chloe.”

Emma nodded her head. “Yes, sir.”

I watched as she headed toward the couch the girls normally used during the nights that Lucas and I were on the floor. I looked around the floor, seeing the decorations that Chloe had had the security staff put up earlier in the day. I grabbed my headset and walked toward the bar area. Aiden was dressed in a red g-string and a pair of green suspenders – nothing else. I noticed Seth and the new bartender were dressed the same way.

“Well, you boys are going to give the guests quiet a show this evening,” I laughed as Aiden turned and stared at me.

“Yeah, courtesy of my lovely wife. I still want to punish her ass later for this.” He rolled his eyes as he set a bottle of vodka back into place.

“Right, have you passed that through your husband yet?” I asked, smirking toward Devlin, who was set up at the front door, wearing his normal black gear. Lucas and I were dressed in our black leather pants, black tee shirts, and the gold band around our arms. Chloe had insisted earlier that we wear Santa hats, which I had politely declined. Who would take a dungeon master seriously with a damn Santa hat? Yet, by the looks of it, we would have gotten away easy compared to the bar help.

“I’m working on him,” Aiden shot back. “Seems he’ll be the only one dishing out the punishments tonight.”

“He usually is from what I hear.” I nodded toward Aiden, and began my rounds of the floor. Guests had started coming in and were beginning to play. The main floor was open for most, and the private rooms were secured for members only. Sarah and Cole were monitoring those.

Chloe and Emma had decided that the club would offer members a full holiday spectacular, and had booked a few of the drag queens to perform a show on the main stage later that night. The left bar had a full spread of food available: finger foods and pastries that Emma and Ally had made. There was also a Santa bag filled with various holiday themed goodies: candy canes, condoms, mini floggers, and mini vibrators. A treat for every submissive.

I continued to walk around the dungeon floor and monitor what was going on. Lucas was doing the same. The girls were chatting on the couch with a few of the female members and a couple of the new submissives in the training program. Emma had taken to being a mentor for the program, having started her journey that way as well.

I thought back to this time last year. Emma had come so far emotionally since then. Last year, we were barely able to sleep in the same bed together. I had spent weeks tending to the scars on her back, and reassuring her that she was safe. Last year I gave her a necklace, one that she hadn’t taken off since. It was a small gesture to show her my commitment to her, and my fear to myself. The Emma I saw sitting on the couch was a different Emma than last year. She was free, confidant and god damn beautiful. She was the best thing that had ever happened to me.

After taking things slow on the kink front last year, I had ended up both proposing to her and collaring her within a month of each other. I couldn’t be happier, except the lingering fear that I would lose her at some point. I shook the fear from my mind as I watched her smile at me. I smiled back, and was drawn out of my thought by Devlin’s page over the headset.

“Marc, you have some guests at the front door.”

“Be right there.” I walked to the front of the building, wondering who the hell was requesting me? As I turned the corner I saw them immediately. The girls, although with their Dominants, flocked toward the three men – the men of Double Cross, and my long-time friends.

“What the hell brings you here?” I asked, bringing Caleb in for a quick man hug.

“Up for the holidays, thought we’d swing in,” he responded as I hugged Gabe and Jax. “Plus, dickhead over here needs a little distraction.” He pointed at Gabe.

“Distraction is the name of the game around here,” I responded, motioning my arm at the floor. I noticed the cast on Gabe’s hand and pointed to it. “Want to explain?”

He shook his head before talking, “I punched a concrete wall, broke my hand.”

I shook my head and laughed. “Well, you were always one for dramatics. The floor is yours. Emma and Chloe are sitting with Emma’s sister off the main stage; you are welcome to join them.”

Caleb nodded. “Come join us soon?”

“Will do. By the way, how’s the wife? Where is she?” I asked.

“At the hotel with the kid, and very pregnant.”

“She know that you are here?”

“Yes, and I was told to keep my dick in my pants or she’d permanently remove it later.”

I slapped him on the back. “I love her more and more. I’ll catch up with you later.” The boys nodded and headed toward Emma. I watched as she stood and greeted them. I remembered their first encounter, and what Caleb said to me afterwards. I hadn’t wanted to believe him at the time, but the past year and half had definitely put both of us in a different place.

About an hour later, I was able to get Kieran to take over the floor monitoring, and I sat down with Caleb and Jax. Gabe had been taken to one of the private rooms for some “distraction.”

“So, what the fuck is up with him?” I asked as I sat on the couch, Emma immediately curling into my lap.

Caleb took a swig of his beer. “His wife, or ex-wife. Jesus, I’m not sure what she is at the moment.”

“Wait, his wife?” I turned to Jax. “Your sister is back?”

He nodded. “Yup, and she has caused a shit storm in the wake.”

I remember Gabe and Jax coming to me for help in locating her years ago. Devlin wasn’t with us yet, but we still had some connections with the right people. The closest we had come was a job she had done in Boston. Besides that, it was as if she’d fallen off the face of the Earth.

I shook my head again as I ran my hand up and down Emma’s leg. “I don’t understand, where was she?”

“Hiding. Changed her name, moved to New York. She would send random postcards to show my parents she was still alive, but by that point Gabe and I could give two shits less.”

“Any answers?”

Jax shook his head. “Her and Gabe had that discussion. I am not getting involved. I said my peace to her, and I am just happy she is safe and back.” He paused. “Well, for whatever that means.”

“I understand. I am glad there is some closure, not much, but at least she’s back.” We all took a sip of our drinks, and watched the events on the floor without another word on Gabe or Faith.

Gabe came back about a half an hour later and sat down next to us. We all sat and talked until the majority of the club members and guests had filed out. The boys said good night, and I told them to keep in touch. Right then, there was only one thing I wanted, and that was to get my fiancée naked and under me!

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