June Update

Well, June is almost over and my summer will finally free up!

I am waiting for the edits back for Dominate Me and then I will be working on them like a crazy person tonight and tomorrow to get them out to everyone on Tuesday!!!!!!!

I am currently writing two more short stories for two anthologies releasing for October and November! A summer themed Anthology, Heat Waves, will be releasing within the next week or two! Please take a look for that!

I have started the research for the Off the Board Series and have written the synopses for all three books, as well as outlined the major plot points for the first one, Interference. All of the covers have been created and I will be releasing all the details once I have a better idea of release schedules. My plan with this series is to actually have all the stories written so that I can release them to you without delay!!!!

Another side project is a novella entitled, Until We Meet Again….one of the snippets will appear in the Heat Waves Anthology!- No time frame yet for this release…. 


I know. I know. I have a ton of stuff lined up and I just need some time to sit and write it all! No worries, we are taking the kids to FL this summer and we are driving…Plenty of time to write on the way down and while my feet are dug into the sand of West Palm Beach!


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