Author Showcase~ Pen Name K~ Book of Fantasies Trilogy

Hello everyone! I’ve got Pen Name K on the blog today. Check out the new releases…Links at the end.

1) Tell us about yourself.
I hate talking about myself, but here it goes. I have been married for 20 years to the love of my life who still passionately kisses me – even after all these years – and didn’t mind when I told him that I wanted “foreplay” written into our vows. I have three beautiful angelic children (mostly evil 😉 who have blessed us and completed our family. They are my life! I believe in good manners and paying my many blessings forward. I’m a Law of Attraction nut, so I’m overly thankful and try to avoid negative people or circumstances like the plague! Most things are never black and white with me. I’m nonjudgmental and REFUSE to talk about politics or religion! I believe all happy people are beautiful.

2) When did you start writing?
I started writing 20 years ago, but have just published my first books this year.

3) What genres do you write? Like to read?
Currently I am writing in the Romance-Erotica genre AND the Children’s genre. Yep – you read that correctly. 😉 I love to read any genre or book that can make my imagination run wild! If I start to read a book and can’t visualize the story, then I move on to another one. Whether it’s a romance-erotica, children’s, YA or a full on historical non-fiction book, I have to be able to visualize the words.

4) What is the best compliment you’ve received about your writing? Worst?
The best compliment that I have received about my writing as a whole, is recently a high school friend of mine that has been an English College Professor for years told me, “You’ve done what I still haven’t and I’m an English Professor! You have inspired me to think more serious about writing. Thanks for doing this, in many respects, you are helping me.” My goal in life is to inspire others – so by his words telling me that I inspired him, made me cry happy tears.
What was the worst criticism that I received about my writing directly? Well, when I was writing my first book WHITE, I was writing a story from a male’s perspective and had a male proofread it. He came back with, “This story doesn’t do anything for me.” Although my heart sank a little, I knew that I missed my mark. He explained why, so I immediately rewrote that story with success! Lol. FYI: Men like it dirty!

5) What have you chosen to share with us today?
Today I want to share with you the information for my Book of Fantasies Trilogy. Three novels in 3 months have created a lot of sleepless nights! Whew! The first two books WHITE and RED are currently out and BLACK will be released on May 28th!

This provocative collection of erotic short stories is an invitation to entertain forbidden desires that lie right around the corner. Each book contains 36 sensual tales that lure you into a world of steamy encounters and expose you to wantonness that will leave you aching for more.

The first two books are published and are available in paperback at Amazon and in eBook formats on Kindle, Barnes and Noble NOOK, Apple iBooks, Smashwords and Kobo. You can read chapter excerpts on Facebook or on my Blog. (all links at the bottom)

6) Favorite authors? Inspirations?
I’m not ducking this question when I write: I read every genre, so there are too many to list. It wouldn’t be fair to list a few when they all deserve equal credit.

7) Where do your ideas come from?
I get my ideas from everywhere. People I’ve seen, movies I’ve watched, books I’ve read or my imagination because I haven’t seen, watched or read about it yet.

8) Advice for your readers/aspiring writers?
My advice for readers, aspiring writers or anyone out there that has a dream is DON’T GIVE UP! You’re never too old or too busy to make your dreams come true! If you doubt your writing abilities, but know you have a great storyline or idea, I’m here to tell you to WRITE that story or idea down and let a professional touch it up for you! There is a reason copywriters, editors and line editors have jobs. To everyone out there, I firmly believe and want to tell you that you are NOT limited by your 8-5 job, your age, your family status or your genre. I have a high powered career in finance, 3 busy wonderful children; I’m on several boards and committees and always find the time to utilize my creative outlet – for me that’s writing – it keeps me sane. Most people know about my new Book of Fantasies Trilogy (romance-erotica), but I’m here to tell you that I also have published FIVE children’s books in a series of 12 and I am just has happy about the smiles those books create as much as the body twitches and muscle clenches that my other books generate! NEVER GIVE UP!
Quick Release:

9) Vanilla or chocolate? Swirl
10) Favorite meal? None – or dictated by my mood.
11) Favorite color? RED for the Psychology/Psychoanalysist people out there, but actually it’s Kelly Green. 😉
12) Favorite non-writing activity to do? I’m on the United States All American Lady’s Sub Gauge Team – so shooting sporting clays. (Boom! Shocker!)
13) Boots, sandals, shoes or bare foot? All the above! My feet NEVER have fat days!
14) Snow or sun? Both
15) Anything else you want to say? Just thank you, thank you, thank you! For having me on here today. And remember: Follow your dreams – they do come true!


Purchase WHITE Links:

Purchase RED Links:



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