Sealed with a Kiss- Jenna Fox

Hello Everyone….

You need to check out this erotic thriller by the fabulous Jenna Fox!

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**Contains sexually graphic descriptions, and is intended for readers aged 18 and up only**

Determined to forget her ex-fiancé and mend her shattered heart, Charisma Claiborne embarks upon a dream trip to Las Vegas. But on her first day in town she’s involved in a minor car crash with an eccentric casino owner. Enthralled by his good looks, she falls into his bed for a steamy one night stand.

Hunt Blackwater is more than a mysterious, gorgeous casino owner. Rumors of a Native American curse and a string of inexplicable deaths follow in his wake – yet more terrifying is his ability to reach into Charisma’s soul and make her want the things she’s convinced she can do without.

Not wanting to get in over her head Charisma cuts her trip short and returns home, but trouble follows her. With whispers of curses in her ears and the lingering stench of death in her nose, she wonders if she is his next victim. Things soon spiral out of control for Charisma, as she comes face to face with the greatest betrayal she could ever imagine.

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Author Bio:
Author profile picI reside in Eastern Tennessee. I’m a lover of coffee, Victoria’s Secret, and all things erotic. Two of my favorite past-times are storytelling and reading. I love seeing the emotion on someone’s face when I take them on a journey into my imagination with my words.

I dabble in poetry, and I’m a William Shakespeare fan. My favorite genres to read and write are erotica and horror, but horror gets the prize as my first love. It isn’t unusual for me to combine the sexy with the macabre.

When writing erotica, my favorite characters to construct are dominant males. In horror, I love the evil guys. They are so interesting and complex; they stand the test of time. A good example is Norman Bates. Even fifty years later, that character still inspires.

Hmm…can you imagine crossing Norman Bates with Christian Grey?

I can.

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