Flash Fiction – Restraining Order

Some Flash Fiction from my EAU gals! Check it out.

Christina Mandara

handcuffedbehindass Ok, the rules of the flash fiction go something like this –  write 500 – 1000 words upon the theme pictured above. I’m taking the theme rather loosely as ‘handcuffs’ and I hope you enjoy my little morsel of devilish behaviour below:


There was an audible click and the sound of a ratchet being fastened. Lucile spun around to discover that her wrist was now encircled in thick, cold steel.

“Unfasten that this instant, you despicable creature!”

Her order went unheeded. Instead, a large grin formed on her captor’s face as he fastened the other steel bracelet around his own wrist. “There’s to be no unfastening this side of tomorrow, darlin.’

Her jaw went slack in disbelief, before she recovered herself and her perfect white teeth which she then slammed together. She tugged futilely against the cuff. “You cannot keep me in this against my will,” she…

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