Writing Erotica; Fact or Fiction?

Michelle Kelly

41469rnIgaL._As a writer of both erotic fiction and erotic memoir, the lines between the two can often become blurred. All memoir, even though it is ‘true’ is tweaked and filtered to fit a coherent narrative and while it may be truth it is a subjective truth. Certainly with erotic experiences; we may be feeling something completely different to how other participants remember the encounter.

Fiction, of course is ‘made up’ yet most writers whether consciously or unconsciously write from the ground of their own experiences and knowledge. Certainly when writing sex scenes, which is why it’s often especially difficult to write an erotic scene from the perspective of another gender! In fact in my upcoming writing guide, ‘Passionate Plots’, published by Compass Books early 2014, I include a writing exercise that uses memory to craft a sex scene for writers new to the genre (see below to have a go…

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3 thoughts on “Writing Erotica; Fact or Fiction?

  1. Hello. I found your entry as a shared tweet. I clicked through because the subject interested me. And I would love to read it, but the page background color and font color are such that I can’t make out the words. Maybe if I were in the pitch dark I could but that’s not possible right now. I don’t have anything against the color, I love it. But it’s not readable. Sorry

  2. Thank you. I saved this to favorites in the hope I’d be able to at some point. Completely forgot about it, but was going through my favorites and stumbled upon it again. Then saw my comment and remembered 🙂
    No problems reading it. I found the post useful and will check out the rest of your site. Thank you 🙂

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