Some News!!!!!!!!!!

Hello all my followers and readers on this first day of December.

I wanted to let everyone know a few little tidbits!

1) Crossroads- the first book in the Double Cross series is due for publication on the 16th! That is 2 weeks from tomorrow! I am so excited for you to meet Caleb.

2) I am currently working on both Dominate Me, the third book in the Devoured Club Series and Crossover, the second book in the Double Cross Series.

3) So…now for some news! I am expanding out the Devoured Club Series to include another novel focusing on Mistress Sarah 🙂
and maybe a couple of novellas focusing on Lucas and Chloe’s wedding and a follow up to Emma and Marcus.

4)I am also working on finishing a short story anthology featuring four short tidbits focusing on our hidden desires. The anthology, entitled Hidden Desires, is scheduled for release beginning of January.

If you haven’t already grabbed your free copy of Sexy Holiday Bites, an erotic anthology featuring flash fiction (under 1000 words) from nine amazing authors…go and do that now!

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