Review: The Virgin Courtesan by Michelle Kelly


Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 5

Synopsis: Penniless and homeless, beautiful Juliana Hearnshaw’s virginity is her most bankable asset, and now the gently bred young woman must sell herself to a wealthy, elderly patron who will pay handsomely for her company. But on her way to her first assignation, Juliana falls into the hands of a mysterious highwayman—who makes no secret of his desire for her!

Juliana should be afraid—only somehow she finds herself trusting this dark-eyed rogue. Dare she take a chance and, for one night, experience real passion in his arms?

My Review:

This novella was a quick read and in a good way. Ms. Kelly writes an intriguing story one laced with passion, theft, and misunderstandings. I enjoyed Juliana’s independence in spite of her circumstances- without giving away too much of the plot- the twists and turns in the story kept me engaged and wanting more. As we learn about the mysterious highwayman, Juliana learns about herself and desires she never fully realized.

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