Tag, Your It! Blog Hop!

Tag, You’re It! Blog Hop
So, the gorgeous Ashen White, author of the Queen of Storms and White’s Nights 1, tagged me in the Tag, You’re It! Blog Hop. (Like I didn’t have anything else to do!)

Thanks Ashen!

Here’s how it works:

I answer the following four questions, than tag three more friends, who have to do the same, thus spreading the joy of the blog hop in multiples of 3!!

In the words of my wonderful editor, “I can’t resist a good threesome! :D”

So here goes:

Question 1: What are you working on now?

Okay, I am actually currently working on two stories. Dominate Me, the third novel in my BDSM Devoured Club Series. An interesting tale that takes us into the emotional world behind bisexuality, D/s relationships and Poly relationships, while adding in a little kink and mystery.

The second novel I am working on is the second novel in my Double Cross Series, Crossover- the Rocker Bad Boys of Double Cross return as we are introduced to the chaotic mind of Gabe-drummer and self-professed “player.” Gabe get a little of his own medicine when he is reunited with the one woman that can tear down those walls and help him Crossover into a new person.

I have written a follow up short flash fiction story revolving around Marcus and Emma seen in Consume Me for a Holiday Erotic Anthology set to publish soon.

I unfortunately do not have covers yet 😦

Question 2: How does your work differ from other work in it’s genre?

Okay…let me think. I write hot sex scenes, romance and BDSM…but how does it differ? Throughout my writing, I try to show the readers that there is more to the BDSM lifestyle than what is portrayed in novels such as FSOG and the media. I want readers to understand the emotional aspects behind the lifestyle and the consensual nature of dominance and submission. I want to entwine those emotions within a plot line that entertains and educates my readers. My novels are do not, at least I hope, follow normal rules of a romance. You will see the character’s irrational decisions, some not properly thought out, but honestly who in life analyzes every aspect of every decision- it is more common for characters and people to change their minds a thousand times- we’re human!

Question 3: Why do you write?
Every time I am asked this, the reason is always the same- it is therapeutic to me. Growing up I escaped into the fantasies that I read, the worlds that the authors created that took me away from mine even for an hour. My love of literature grew as I did and I now find myself writing to explore myself and topics that interest me. I write for the readers, hoping they find a little escapism in the chaotic world of my mind.

Question 4: How does your writing process work?

Right now, it is fragmented and unorganized. I will gather ideas roughly in my head from things I see or hear, music I listen to. When I write I try and write while the house is sleeping. The quiet helps me get involved within the story and plot. I usually aim to write a chapter each time I sit down- that’s roughly 4,000-5,000 words. After writing the story- i am horrible and I send the novel to my betas without a first round of edits….I don’t know why I do it, but man my betas are usually in for a hell of a ride 🙂 then the edits and off to my gorgeous editor!

Alright, I have answered my portion…I now tag….
Claire C Riley
Carrie Ann Ward
Maggie Carpenter

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