Crossroads Excerpt

Thought I’d give all readers a little sneak peak into the lives of Caleb and Kat and the new novel scheduled for release on 12/16/13.

**Excerpt is unedited and may change prior to publication**

The bath water had turned lukewarm and I decided it was time to get out. I dried myself off and dressed into a pair of bed shorts and tank top. I was just getting into bed when I heard my cell phone ring; the personal one not the work one. Only a few people in my world had access to that number; my father, Margaret and my best friend Carly.
“Hello.” I said without even looking at the caller id.
“Well, well, well such an informal greeting for your new client.” The voice froze me. Caleb. How the hell does this man keep wiggling his way into my life?
“How the hell did you get this number? No one has this number.” I said as I started to pace my bedroom, trying to keep my voice low.
“Your father. I want access to you and I will have it. Now, Kat…”
“Katherine. My name is Katherine.” I interrupted him.
“Katherine,” he purred. I swore my pussy clenched at the sound. Jesus. Why does he do this to me?
“What do you want, Mr. Cross? It is nearly midnight and I was about to go to bed.” My fingers were drumming against my thigh as I waited for his answer, wearing a path in my carpet.
“Just to hear your voice, Kat. I mean Katherine.”
“What the fuck game are you playing Mr. Cross?” My patience was wearing thin. I was exhausted and not in the mood to deal with his mind games.
“Caleb. You will call me Caleb, understood?” There was a change in the intensity of his voice.
“Mr…Caleb, what are you trying to accomplish?” I took a deep breath trying to calm my nerves; my fingers still drumming away.
“Just to get to know my new publicist.” His voice deepened now and I wondered what he was thinking about. I heard some voices in the background and then the covering of the phone. Fuck this.
“Well, you can call between the hours of eight a.m. and five p.m. for those conversations. I have to go.”
“You are my publicist and I will have access to you whenever I want.” The voices in the background got louder and I could make out they were female.
“You know what Caleb. Fuck you. How dare you call me at this hour when you clearly are busy? Goodnight!” I hung up before I could hear his response. Who the hell did he think he was?
My phone rang back immediately. I denied the call and proceeded to turn it off, along with my work phone. Any emergencies could be handled in the morning. I wasn’t ready for the shit storm Caleb Cross was going to bring to my life.

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