Welcome to the Tarot of the Acolyte-Ashen White Guest Post

Okay ladies and Gents…. I have a very special guest on the blog today…..my friend and my editor extraordinaire Ashen White! Ashen just released the first novel of her Tarot of the Acolyte series. I’ve started it and it is awesome…so take a look below, enter the giveaway and then go buy the book! 

Welcome to the Tarot of the Acolyte

Hi Paige, and thank you for having me on your blog!

I am so happy today to introduce your readers to the Tarot of the Acolyte, and bring to them the first in the series of Paranormal Erotic Horror stories derived from the denizens of the deck!

How many of us have wondered, over the years, about how and why Tarot came to be – about the rich collection of characters like The Magician, The High Priestess, The Hermit, and so on, as well as the pageantry of the Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages? Then there’s the esoteric symbology and the hidden meanings that it seems only prescient cartomancers can divine and interpret. For many of us, Tarot is one of those mystical occult tools that we don’t really know whether we really believe in, and which, more often than not, fill us with the thrill of the unknown that drives so many of our horror stories.

So what is the Tarot of the Acolyte?

Having a strong interest in the horror writings of, particularly, Edgar Allen Poe and H. P. Lovecraft, I tried to find a deck that I could use as a basis for some of the erotic horror stories I had been developing over the last few years. In much the same way that Lovecraft created the Necronomicon as a backdrop to his tales of the Cthulhu Mythos, I wanted a deck that I could use in my stories that had the right balance of occult mysticism and erotic illustration. But could I find the perfect deck? Hell, no! So, finally, I decided to design my own deck – although, let me be the first to say, I am NO artist – to build the stories on. The result is the Tarot of the Acolyte – a deck that, while it follows somewhat the Rider-Waite tradition, is richly populated with beautiful and powerful characters that will take the reader on a journey of erotic enticement and spiritual discovery as they learn the secrets behind the Tatcho Drom – the True Way of the Romany “witches and magicians” who, over the centuries, have become the de facto masters of Tarot.

Queen of Storms


Our sojourn into the realms of the Tarot of the Acolyte begins with Gerry O’Keith, a strong, likeable guy, with a beautiful fiancé, a great job, a secluded lakeside summer cottage, and a big, black Harley. Travelling out for some rest and relaxation, the couple stop off in the small town of Orangeville, where a visit to a small bookstore results in Gerry buying a one-of-a-kind Tarot deck from a strange, old gypsy woman. When the couple sit down to study the deck, they are entranced at its beautiful artwork. But, more than that, Gerry is attracted to the sexual symbolism of some of the scenes depicted on the cards, and finds that, the more he ponders their allure, the more difficult it becomes to separate reality from illusion. Then, on a dark and stormy night…


“To be sure,” she said, taking a step back from him, “they have you true and fast, sir.” She turned to walk away, as if her interest in the captive had faded, but she stopped when he spoke to her.
“Help me,” was all he said, quietly. She turned and looked coquettishly at his face.
“Is it help you be wanting, sir?” she asked ingenuously, stepping back towards him. “And why would I want to be helping you, sir, after your chasing of me so rudely through the forest? Seems it’s not safe for a maiden out and about these days.”
“I couldn’t help myself,” Gerry replied weakly. “I had to see if you were as beautiful as the woman on the Tarot card. And I wanted to talk with you.”
“Talk is it, sir? But I see more than talk in those eyes of yours, don’t I?” She stepped right up to his transfixed body and, gently lifting his chin with her hand, stared deeply into his eyes, the gold flecks in her sapphire blues echoing the colours in the eye on the backs of the cards. Her hand was warm and soft, but had an underlying strength he could feel as she held his jaw.
“Who are you?” he asked, unable to contain the passion he felt, his hardness growing despite the chill of the wind and rain.
“Who am I is it now?” she responded. “I think you have more pressing things to think on, sir, than what my name might be. For instance, you ask me for help, but what would you have in the way of payment for such assistance? And, supposing you had the payment, why would I be freeing you to chase me again through the woodland?” She dropped his jaw, and he struggled again to free himself, to no avail. His skin burned with a fire of passion where she had touched him, and he already longed to feel the heat of her hand again.
“Whatever you want, if I have it, I will give it to you for your help, and your company.”
She laughed merrily at his offer, her eyes flashing, but whether with mirth or anger, he could not tell.
“My help, my name, and my company, is it now? Whatever I want? A man should be careful what it is he asks for, as the price may be too much for his purse. And a threefold ask is the most expensive of all!”
She stepped closer to him, close enough so he could feel the heat from her body as he struggled to touch her, close enough so he could smell her scent saturating the air around him, fresh and lively and stimulating, and, raising her hand, she gently cupped the coldness of his cheek. Instantly heat surged through his body and into his limbs, and he closed his eyes in pleasure as he felt his arousal growing from her touch. He turned his head in an attempt to kiss her fingers, but she laughed gently as she dropped them to trace a pointed, blood-red fingernail along the length of his torso, sending rays of stimulation pounding through him, and driving a groan from his lips.
“My, my, sir,” she said, a huskiness filling her voice as she watched his erection thicken and rise. “I suppose there may be other ways a man could pay for services rendered. Her finger traced along the length of his twitching cock, across the dark, blood-engorged veins, causing him to writhe in anticipation, while his mind reeled in disbelief at his apparent good fortune, and his eyes devoured her unearthly beauty. Then his body shuddered and his eyes closed, as she wrapped her hand around the base of his thick, throbbing prick and slowly pulled it along his length, the strength of her fingers rippling across the smoothness of his skin.
“And are you prepared to pay me what I ask from you, sir?” she asked, dragging her hand slowly back and forth along the swollen length of his burning hardness. He opened his eyes and gazed with unadorned passion deep into hers.
“Anything I have that you want is yours,” he said thickly, his throat tight with need, the pain from the myriad of thorns and branches holding him forgotten, as the heat from her hand radiated along the length of his cock and out into the depths of his body and balls. Her blood-red lips parted in a wonderful, heart-piercing smile, showing two rows of even, white teeth, and her dexterous tongue ran lightly over her lips, leaving a sheen of moisture on their redness.
“Then you’ll not mind if I help myself, then, sir?” she asked.

* * * * * *

I hope that whet’s your appetite for what’s going to be a long, hot and very interesting journey. And, as always, it’s the Tarot that’s the key!

Queen of Storms is available on Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/Queen-Storms-Tales-Acolyte-ebook/dp/B00FI8B02Q/
And on Amazon UK at: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Queen-Storms-Tales-Acolyte-ebook/dp/B00FI8B02Q/

Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below to win one of 3 copies of Queen of Storms:

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About the Author

Ashen White was born in the north-east of England, but, after a few meanderings with her parents, emigrated to Canada in the mid-90’s. She currently lives with her long-term partners on the outskirts of the Greater Toronto Area (Ye Canadian Smoke!).

To stay up to date on upcoming publications, excerpts, snippets and other interesting information, as well as the chances to win one of her giveaways, be sure to visit her blog at http://whitesnights.blogspot.ca/
You can follow Ashen’s Twitter account at https://twitter.com/ashenwhite, and her Facebook Author page at https://www.facebook.com/authorashenwhite.

Thanks for having me, Paige!
Love, Ashen xxx

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