Guest Post by Tonya Kinzer

Today I welcome Tonya Kinzer to the blog! Check out the contest she has below as well as her selection of both erotic and non-erotic novels. After you’re done there, check me out on her blog next week!


Getting Down and Dirty

     Welcome to all the lil smut lovers out there! I hope that if you’re here, it’s because you love reading fantasy stories of being bound by a Dom who can help you understand how letting go of control for an hour or two can allow you to learn more about reaching new pleasure points in your sex life. For those not familiar with my books, my first series, The Boss’s Pet, is about a Dom/sub relationship and how Nick and Sondra’s relationship changes as she learns about the lifestyle he introduces her to. Throughout the series, Sondra comes to understand the different aspects of being a submissive and who is actually in control. I hope you visit my website to find out more or just search for me at your favorite online store.

     Being a submissive is not about letting your partner walk all over you. Think about the lifestyle for a moment…two people, sometimes more, agree to scene play, but safe words are part of it. Should the submissive use the safe word, all scene play stops. In that situation, who really has the control? Yes, the submissive is in control! That Dom or Doms…or Domme, can’t do anything to you that you’ve not agreed to before the scene started. If you choose to stop, it ends. With that being said, do NOT enter into this type of situation with someone you don’t know and don’t trust. Enough said!

     I love writing books in that series and my readers love them, too. My book blurbs are clearly marked, stating they are bondage/BDSM type reads yet I get reviews from people who read them without reading the BLURB first and are then shocked at what they find between my pages. If being restrained during a sex act is not something you enjoy, do NOT read that series! To those who crave book five, I hope to have that out by the end of this year for you!


For those who DO NOT WANT BONDAGE in their erotic romances, I’ve begun an erotic western series with NO BDSM by request of several readers. I had a blast writing it and hope you enjoy book one, Come Tame Me. As hard as it was not to, no cowboys were tied down during the writing of this book! LOL My story takes place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with the Tetons as a backdrop. I love the mountains and have visited the area several times. The smell of pine trees and sage brush as you drive through the area and up the mountainside is like a breath of fresh air.

     You’ll visit local sites in the book and I hope that you’re drawn between the pages to stand beside my characters. Cassi struggles with her decision about a man who broke her heart ten years ago and whether she can move forward. Although she’s tried to ignore feelings she’s kept buried, Cassi’s best friend, Dani, knows her better than she thinks! As I wrote the book, Dani slipped in a f/f scene on me and I decided to leave it in. I was surprised by the scene, but it does prove a point.

     You can read it for yourself HERE. Leave a comment below and let me know what YOU think. I’ll pick one comment to win a gift card. I give away gift cards all the time and my newsletter is another way to win. You can subscribe to my newsletter on my blog, website or FaceBook. I look forward to seeing you around the net! Thank you all for stopping by. Grab my books for a hot read or two!



If you’d like to watch the book trailer to

Come Tame Me, click HERE.

Come Tame Me -Website

Come Tame Me – FB Page

Come Tame Me – Pinterest Page

Twitter:  @TonyaKinzer


CONTEST #1: Leave a comment below about the f/f scene – will it change Cassi’s mind? I’ll pick one commenter to win a $10 gift card on Oct 1st! That could buy a few books! Be sure to also leave your email addy and where you’d like your gift card to! Good luck everyone! (Pls share this interview via the share buttons at the bottom, thanks!)


CONTEST #2:  Click this link to get in on my Grand Prize contest – plus at each blog stop during my September/October tour there will be contests to enter. When you finish entering the Grand Prize Drawing, please roam around my blog. There are links to read Chapter One of my other books.

8 thoughts on “Guest Post by Tonya Kinzer

  1. Thank you, Paige, for letting me hang out on your blog this week! Readers, thank you for stopping by to check out my books. I hope you find one or two to your liking and grab your copies. They might help keep you warm as the weather begins to cool down! Leave a comment to be in the drawing!

  2. Congrats on your recent release, Tonya!
    I will definitely be reading it. 😉
    I can do either type of erotica, but I do like some bondage sometimes, especially with a Dom!
    I really enjoyed the f/f scene. I have read a few, but not many. I liked how they didn’t make a big deal about it. Do I think it changed her mind, I would say YES!
    I think it’s wonderful that you wrote a story that your readers asked for. 😊
    Thank you for sharing.
    If I am chosen, I would like an Amazon GC please.
    I’m going to share this post.
    Trb0917 at gmail dot com

  3. HI Tonya,
    I’m sad that this is the last stop in the tour, it’s been so much fun. I started the book today and I love it so far. I just wanted to take time out for a minute to tell you I love the characters. also I grew up in Wyoming (Cody) and the descriptions of Jackson Hole made me smile. we use to drive there just for a nice Sunday outing, it is on one gate of Yellowstone and Cody is on another so they are really close.
    thank you for making me smile.
    Tammy Ramey

    • Tammy, thank you for stopping. I’m glad you like my characters. I loved Jackson. The mountains just give you such a sense of freedom when you drive up there and if you get to see some wildlife…that makes it all the more special! Can’t wait to see how you enjoy Come Tame Me. I have another tour stop in Oct so do check my blog.

  4. so I have not reached that part yet but i’m going to say yes, it changes her mind. it would mine! LOL!

    if I win I would love a g.c. to All Romance.
    thanks Tonya for writing such wonderful stories for me to get lost in. 🙂

    tammy ramey

  5. Paige, thank you for hosting me this week. Can’t wait to have hang with my readers next week at my blog!

    This week’s winner is Tina B!! Congrats, Tina – watch your email next week for your Amazon card!

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