Crossroads Excerpt #1

I’m feeling generous today 🙂 Just kidding. I figured I’d give my followers a look into my new WIP, Crossroads. It follows Caleb, who we meet in Consume Me. Enjoy!


Kat was sitting on the couch facing the television, head to her thighs. I watched her breath for a few moments, watched her back rise and fall. She was gorgeous, even if she didn’t realize it herself. I felt my chest tighten and my breath catch as I watched her. I shook off the feelings and grabbed my keys. “You ready to go?”

She looked up and wiped her eyes, “I guess so.” Kat stood and began to walk toward me. I grabbed her face into my hands and wiped the rest of her tears off her face. I lifted her face to look at me.

“Why were you crying?” I stared into her eyes.

“No reason.” Kat tried to turn her head away from me but I held her in place.

“Tell me why you were crying.”

“It’s really not a problem for you to deal with. I said everything was fine.” I could tell that she was uncomfortable. Why I didn’t really know, but I would find out.

“You were crying Kat. Something is wrong. Now tell me what had you crying.” I moved her against the wall and crouched down so that we were eye level with each other.

Kat took a breath in and diverted her eyes everywhere but at me.

“Katherine, tell me what is wrong.” I grabbed her face gently and forced her to look at me.

“I messed up. That’s it. Nothing you need to worry about.”

 Tears formed at the corner of her eyes again and she looked away. I took her face into my hands again and brushed my finger over her bottom lip, staring my way into her eyes, hoping I could read her mind. God, did I just want to pick her up, throw her on my bed and make love to her until tomorrow. Instead I fused my lips to hers, coercing her lips to open with my tongue so that I could explore her mouth. The sweet taste of her sent my dick straight up. I mapped out her mouth with my tongue, noticing hers exploring back. I felt her body relax and fall back into the wall. Her hands moved through my hair as I deepened the kiss, pushing her up against the wall with my body, pinning her hips with mine. I tilted her head back and to the side allowing myself access to her neck, kissing a trail up and down her collar bone and to her ears. Reluctantly, I pulled back placing another quick kiss on her lips.

“You seriously don’t know what you do to me. The control I lose around you. Let’s go before I lose every ounce of what is left and take you into my room to fuck you senseless.” I grabbed her hand before she could reply, replaced my hat onto my head and walked out the door. We reached the elevator and I pushed the button for the garage level, still holding her hand I pulled her close to me. Kat still hadn’t said anything, nothing about the kiss although I could feel her attraction, her arousal during it. She wanted this as much as I did, or at least I thought she did.

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