Review: The Inheritance (Elizabeth’s Education #2) by Maggie Carpenter

16121243The Inheritance (Elizabeth’s Education #2)
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Wow! I thought I loved Lord Michael in the first novel, I loved him even more in this one. He was a superb example of alpha male. The reader sees Elizabeth’s personal development during the first novel and that growth continues in the second novel as does her ability to be a successful submissive and ultimately wife. Lord Michael is the pillar of strength and consistency within her life as she is in his. When Lord Michael is away, Elizabeth tends to fall into a little trouble. However, the resulting scene was one of my favorite in the novel showing just how much I loved his character.

The ending was absolutely my favorite and that is all I can say without giving it away! The culmination of the first novel and Elizabeth’s education and training will draw the reader into the finality of the story. I was reading wishing I was Lord Michael’s. 🙂

Pick up this novel from Ms. Carpenter as she has crafted a well written and thoroughly enjoyable tale of submission, spankings and love.

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