ARC Review: Tear You Apart by Megan Hart

Tear You Apart by Megan Hart
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

My Review:
I received this as part of an advanced copy from Net Galley and want to thank Net Galley and Harlequin for the opportunity to review it. Let me start out by saying that the book beat my expectations three fold. When I read the description I was unsure what to expect. Let me tell you that what the reader gets is amazing, at least in my opinion. Now we have a basic character that is content with her life as she knows it until she meets one man. One man that makes her judgement fly out the window. one man that makes her want things she has long forgotten. One man that changes who she is forever.

The novel takes the reader on her journey, her decisions that she makes and the reasons why. But the reader also gets the feeling of adventure, of an escape from the reality in which we relate to. As I’ve seen some other reviews on this novel and they do not necessarily agree with my take on it, the character makes the reader feel what it is like to be her. Every woman, at some point in time, as felt they way that the protagonist has felt; whether by a husband or by a boyfriend. The novel also shows the reader that we all still have hope for love, truly deep love.

I rather enjoyed the novel and was impressed at the ending (it is all I can say without giving away the plot).

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