The crazy world of book trailers

Words on the Page


I have lately been making book trailers. I’ve made one for IXEOS, and one for Solomon’s Throne, as well as one for my husband’s nonfiction book on the 2012 election. I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed making them, which is weird, because it’s basically a visual blurb, and I’m not very good at writing blurbs. After all, if I could tell the story in a couple hundred words, I wouldn’t have written 90,000!

Here’s what I’ve learned about making book trailers.

  • If you, like me, can’t figure out iMovie or another video editing program, pop over to Animoto. They have great templates, a ton of royalty free songs, and the program is very easy to use. I’m thinking about doing book trailers as a service, and if I do, I’ll upgrade to the Pro level for more templates, but there are plenty available without that. (I…

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