Inspiration for novels

Alright readers, fans and lovers of me… Ha. I know, I know…wishful thinking. Anyway I was crushing the Internet last night researching a newer idea for Crossroads, my new bad boy rocker novel due out in spring and learned that the lead singer from one of my favorite bands is dealing with some personal issues… So I thought that, and not to sound like an over obsessed fan, I thought I’d show my support and share where the inspiration for the entire idea of Emma and Marcus’s relationship came from as we’ll as the entire idea behind the first chapter of Crossroads…yes my faithful followers…I am an avid music fan and you can catch me cranking up some rock music to decibels I probably shouldn’t on my way to my RL job at 7:30 a.m.

So the inspiration for Marcus and Emma’s relationship is: Hinder’s “I Don’t Wanna Believe.” The lyrics represent everything that I believe their relationship to be from Marcus’s perspective.

Hinder’s “Waking Up the Devil” inspired the prologue of Crossroads. Don’t worry there is no copyright infringement or anything, such some ideas that hit me when I was driving home late one night. See I get the best ideas at the weirdest hours….


If you want to check out the music…

I may be a dork but I’ve been a fan for over ten years! Lol! As part of the upcoming promo release for Consume Me I will post the soundtrack on an upcoming guest blog!

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