Review: Covert Cravings by Maggie Carpenter


Review: 5 stars out of 5

Have you ever wondered how to tell your significant other your deepest, darkest desires? Have you been afraid to admit to them that the idea of a spanking turns you on? Well dive into Covert Cravings by Maggie Carpenter…

This was a quicker novel then the last one I read by Ms. Carpenter and I rather enjoyed it. Ms. Carpenter introduces her readers to the world of D/s and spankings. 🙂

Emily and Scott are normal couple about to embark on a new wave of their relationship. Emily has been secretly blogging fictitious posts about being spanked for her indifferences such as her tardiness and laziness. One day Scott decides to find out what Emily has been up to and he is thrown into a world he didn’t realize he subconsciously enjoyed, or at least thinks he will. Scott begins his transformation into a more dominant boyfriend as Emily slowly realizes that their relationship is changing for the good.

Ms. Carpenter crafts a great story that keeps you involved and turning the proverbial kindle page.

If you are looking for a quicker spanking story this is it!

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