Author Showcase- Carrie Anne Ward

We have a very special guest and friend of mine on the Author Showcase today. She hails from across the pond and is releasing her debut novel on July 31, 2013 entitled “A Taylor Made Student.” I’ve read it and it is fab! You won’t be disappointed! She is also the basis of the submissive in “A Fantasy Encounter with a Dom” by Suzy Ayers. Please welcome Carrie to the Showcase.

969650_384656301648211_1907974823_n1) Tell us about yourself.

Well I’m part of a broken family. I was brought up by my mum and two brothers, and I don’t have much contact with my father anymore. I grew up in Clacton and at the age of 16 moved to Colchester (where my first book is based) I went to college after school, as originally I wanted to be a clothes designer, as I have raw talent in Art. I then fell ill and had to leave college, then went into the work trade. I’m quarter French on my mother’s side and quarter Irish on my fathers. I’m also a real life bisexual Submissive (well switch actually, so I both a submissive and Domme, but mostly a sub) I’ve always know I was a submissive, but only in the last few years have a fully accepted it. Not really sure what else to say lol.

2) What do you do when you are not writing? Day job?

Well at this moment in time, life has taken an unexpected turn on me and I am currently unemployed, and as much as I love the free time to write, I do miss working and need the money. However, I also do some glamour modelling when I can, but not so much now that I am getting older. I love to read and go to the movies when I can, with my friends. I am also a fitness freak, so I work out when I can.

3) How did you choose the genre you write in?

For many years I was searching for a particular genre to write in, but have never found it, it just wasn’t flowing. Being a sexual submissive and having quite a wild sex life, I never really thought there was a market for the sex scenes and my way of life, until (and I hate to say this) 50 shades came out. I saw the response it got and after reading the book myself, I felt I could do better. Not just because the writing wasn’t that great, but being a sub I felt I could write a true story of what it’s like to be in a D/s relationship, but from a fictional side.

4) When did you start writing?

I’ve been writing for many years, since primary school (or kindergarten as you Americans call it) I was very passionate about English at school. However, I never felt I was good enough to take my dream any further with writing. So instead I turned my attention to designing cause I felt my talent lied in drawing. Between then and now life got in the way and I tried many times to write, but like I stated above, nothing flowed until now. I don’t have the experience or the degree in writing but I feel I have the talent, experience and imagination to do this, so 1 year ago I got down to it and I have now finished my first story.

5) Biggest influences as a reader/writer?

Oh lord, too many to tell. I read a LOT of erotica of course, but believe it or not my favourite book is the hunger games. Suzanne Collins really brings you into the story. I think with her story and, yes, the twilight books (the main reason I started to read and write again after so long) combined with many erotic books, such as Tiffany Reisz’s and Sylvia Day’s stories, they were a major influence, recently, in my life to start writing again and to stick with it.

6) Is anything in your writing based on real life experiences or purely all imagination? Where do your ideas come from?

Ha ha well yes, probably 90% of what I write is from experience. Of course the story line its self is made up, but its take from some true experiences, and even the people in it are based on real people I know. A lot of the scenes in my story are scenes that I have actually done.

Taylor is the dominant side of me, where as Kiera is the submissive side of me.

7) Planner or Panster?

Well, I would say I am 50/50. Most of A Taylor Made Student was Panster, but the ending was planned, as I wanted to get it right. However, when I do plan, it is only the simplest plan. I already have the ideas, I just write a quick list of when the scene will happen. I think when it’s spontaneous it comes over better than planned. You don’t plan sex do you, you just let it happen. That’s how I feel about writing.

8) What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?

Well my story hasn’t been release yet, so I keep you posted on the criticism part (hopefully it won’t be too bad). However, I did publish my story on my website for a short while, and I had one comment from a fellow tutor saying he had become consumed by my story and found it incredibly arousing. He too, had his own personal erotic experience with a student. Not quite like Taylor’s and Kiera’s, but all the same he loved the story and said he would continue to read it with the greatest of excitement.

9) Tell us about your book (s). Favorite thing? Hardest issue to overcome?

Well my story is about a young girl called Kiera, with a brutal past she had been trying to hide from. But when she comes back to England and on to university to finish her degree, she finds her life clashing, sexually, with her tutor. They begin a D/s relationship together in secret, but someone has found out and is threatening to ruin their lives should they continue their affair. As the affair continues and the threats keep coming, Kiera learns that Taylor too has his own dark secret, but he’s not willing to share.

My favourite part would have to be the dark room scene. It pushes the boundaries and is extremely erotic. I think the ending too, as it leaves you on a cliff hanger and hopefully gets you wanting more.

Biggest challenge would have to be the editing. Because I am self publishing, I have had to reread my story so many times and ask so many people to check it over that I know my story like the back of my hand. I’m worried, that with all the checks, I will still have errors. It is very time consuming

10) Advice for aspiring writers?

Do it! If you have the passion to do it, then don’t let anything or anyone stop you. I am currently unemployed, no degree in writing and I suffer with word blindness (I miss words out and put the wrong words in places they shouldn’t be)

All I say is research. If you aren’t sure about the information when writing your story, then research it. Write what you know. It will come across in your story if you don’t know what you are talking about and the critics will be the first to pull you up on it.

Get you storyline sorted first, or at least have an outline. So know what the story is about and how it’s all going to pan out, the rest will flow in time.

Don’t be afraid to change your story, if you think it will flow better with the changes then do it. There are moments when I suffer with writers block, but the passion keeps me going. So I switch everything off and just start typing. I can always go back and change it later, most importantly DONT GIVE UP!

There are loads of books and website out there, that will help you to write if you are struggling. Also don’t be afraid to contact your favourite author for advice, they all have websites and 90% of them will get back to you.

11) Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?

Keep reading, books are the best source of imagination. Too many people now days watch television or movies, and forget about books. We authors need you. We need you to live our fantasies for us. We want you to feel what will felt and see what we saw. You are very important to us and without you; no one would get to meet the characters we love so much and keep their stories going.

I want to thank everyone for their support. Not just my friends and family, but also the people who have read my story. I’ve put my heart and soul into this book and I hope you all enjoy it.

My story has now been removed from my website and will be release and available on ebook and paperback from 31st July. So please go buy it.

A Taylor Made Student (part 1 of the Taylor Made series) check out my website for more info, snippets and updates:

You can also find my on facebook: or

Or follow me on twitter @C_A_Ward13

There was a saying that reading in knowledge, knowledge is power. So get reading.

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