Exciting things are coming!

So after receiving a wonderful email praising Devour Me I’ve been on cloud nine! Now add in some great ideas from BEA on marketing, some great contacts and a few new ideas—-and this week is shaping up to be better!

Now lets get to business…

1) Consume Me is slated for release end of July/early August and I am super excited for its release.

2) a Novella is in the works for a little wrap up of the Chloe/Lucas story line, although they might make an appearance in Dominate Me (due out January)

3) working on a collaboration with a fellow writer (carrie anne ward) which will introduce us to some of her characters and some of mine!

4) another exciting collaboration with a friend has me really excited! I think everyone will like that! Top secret!

5) a new series will be published next spring/summer revolving around a rock band with secrets…yet don’t we all!

6) Finally, my contemporary romance, Wellspring, will publish in the spring as well.

Whew! That’s enough! If you have any questions….shoot me an email!


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