Writers write, Readers read…Can’t We Just Support Each Other?

This blog post has been floating around my head for the longest time and instead of writing the final 25,000 words of my WIP, I am here writing this. The title of the post probably doesn’t match the feelings that will be expressed within the post, but again they need to be said.

I am a writer. I am a reader. And as both I appreciate and respect the others job. But some readers don’t.

Let me start with the fact that writers take an obscene amount of time and sweat to craft the perfect story for their readers. But honestly nothing is perfect. Will there still be an error here or there? Of course we are human. Even with a slew of editors and beta readers, things get missed. I’ve read books from traditionally published authors that still have mistakes. But that is a completely different post altogether.

Every writer, at least those that I know, put a little bit of ourselves into every piece of work that we put out to the readers. That feat hope that takes a lot of courage to produce and send out our work for fear of rejection, negative reviews, negativity. As is with anything, negativity is always an option, and we authors hope that the positive outweigh the negative. No one wants to have negative reviews or nasty things said about their work. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about criticism. I am talking about negativity.

It is okay for a reader to not like or enjoy a particular novel or genre, that is your opinion and right based upon your views, likes and lifestyle. What you don’t need to do is rip apart an author for said mistakes, plot lines or story line in general. Offer constructive criticism through the various social media outlets available. Hell, Amazon allows readers (at the dismay of authors) 7 days to return an e-book. If you don’t like the book return it. Better yet, read the sample that is offered before you buy the book. You should know within the first 10% of the book if you want to read it or not. Do you really have to shower an author with negativity because they step outside of what you are used to them writing? Or accuse them of jumping on a specific bandwagon?

The only way an author can grow is to try newer things, different subjects and unfortunately not everyone is going to enjoy everything. With that said, Authors are aware that specific genres are only going to attract certain readers. I write erotica…not everyone is going to pick it up. However, speaking about said bandwagons, readers are trying all books within a specific genre due to the popularity of FSoG. Specific authors, such as myself, are not going to and should not apologize for the way we write a story.

As a reader, I appreciate the work and time that goes into choosing the appropriate words to tell the story, the descriptions that are given-basically every ounce of sweat and tears that go into every novel out there. With that said, do I enjoy everything that I read…NO. I have read a few novels that were not organized, dialogue was not believable, or the characters were just not fully developed. But how is an author going to grow without constructive criticism? We aren’t, but as I said before there is a specific way a reader/reviewer can go about offering their opinion without blasting the author in a negative review. I’m not saying that negative reviews are not a part of the business and shouldn’t be given, again that is your prerogative, but again be tactful.

On a final note, we write so that you can enjoy! Trust me the royalties and money gathered from the sales of an e-book priced at $1.99 are not what you actually think. We write because we want you to enjoy the stories we have to tell, to escape from reality even for a few moments a day. We write for our readers, not for money.  Please think about this before you, as a reader, blast an author for stepping out of their comfort zone and trying something new.

3 thoughts on “Writers write, Readers read…Can’t We Just Support Each Other?

  1. Well said. My novel, which I’ve finally put up in blog form (and thus feel very exposed to being plagerized) seems to always be a work in progress. It is like a baby, and I’ve been caring for it, developing it, and raising it for many years. I crave constructive criticism, but if it’s just not one’s cup of tea, then move along.

    I’m hoping this summer with a little more free time on my hands I will get to unravel the mysteries of e-publishing. Blogging the first of my 4-part series, Omani Destiny, was a desire to share what I’ve written and allow others to enjoy, even if I’m not remunerated. You once offered to promote me on your blog, and that is quite nice of you! Come on over and sample what I’ve put up. Would love your comments. http://omanidestiny.wordpress.com

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