Consume Me Excerpt

RATED R! I had a blast writing this chapter…I know my friend LK will enjoy!

***This is from a work in progress and the scene can me edited or deleted****

“Marcus…” I moaned as he placed featherlight kisses across the width of my navel. Unbuttoning my pants, he slid them down removing my shoes and the pants. “Jesus, Emma what you do to me.” He lifted me onto the counter spreading my legs with his hips. Pulling me close to the edge, and closer to him, I could feel his arousal straining through his pants. What I wouldn’t do to feel that inside me. I ground against him, hoping to help myself in the process. He moved his hips away and looked at me. “Be a good girl and I will reward you.” Dominant even outside of the club.

I relented and relaxed against the coolness of the counter. The metal felt good against my body, which was on fire from his touch. Marcus grazed his fingers across the tattoo that lined my pubic bone, one that meant a lot to me. Placing light kisses on either side of the tattoo, Marcus tore my panties. I gasped and looked up at him. He shrugged, “they were in the way.”

Sliding his hands over my hips, down my legs to my knees, he quickly spread me open again. I could smell my arousal immediately and tried to clench my thighs shut, with no luck. “Did I ever mention how much I love your piercing?” He asked as his hands moved up my inner thighs closer to my core. The ache building within me.

“A time or two.”

“Emma, I am going to eat you out on your counter. Then I am going to flip you over and fuck you senseless until you cry out my name.” OH MY! His fingers came up to my sex, trailing over the outer lips teasing them. I could feel my heart beat faster as I waited for him to make good on his promise. I felt a shiver of pleasure as he flicked the top of my piercing causing it to rub against my already sensitive bud. “Please all that is holy…I need you,” I groaned as his fingers flicked the piercing again. His tongue licking it’s way to the edge of my core, stopping just shy of my labia.

His hands grasped each of my inner thighs opening them wider for him. His tongue glided up my sex, parting my lips as it made the way to my clit. “You taste amazing, Emma.” Marcus continued his assault on my clit, licking and sucking it into his mouth. His fingers found their way to my opening and plunged inside as he sucked my clit into his mouth once more. I felt my orgasm building within. A few more thrusts and sucks like that and I would come undone. “Marcus…” I moaned as his tongue now replaced his fingers and was licking the inside of my pussy. God this man is talented with his mouth. “Oh…my…god.”

I could hear Marcus snicker as he moved his way back up to my clit licking it with purpose, need and desire. I could feel the muscles in my body begin to tighten and I knew I wasn’t far away. My pussy clenched hard against his tongue. “Marcus, I am going to come…please…” My breaths were short and ragged. Plunging his fingers back inside of my wet cunt, he began sucking my clit again as he pumped into my pussy. “Come Emma.” The command quick and curt. A couple more sucks, a couple more thrusts of his fingers and my pussy tightened around his fingers sending my body into convulsions of pleasures. Before I could come down from my orgasm, Marcus had flipped me over on to my stomach. I heard his zipper and the tearing of the foil, before his hands grabbed my hips and pulled me roughly onto his cock.

“Jesus, Emma. You’re so tight. You feel fucking amazing.” His hands gripped my hips, his fingers dug into my skin. His paced quickened as he continued to thrust into me from behind. Circling his hand back to my clit, he rubbed sending shocks of electricity straight to my core. I could feel myself getting wetter, if that was possible.

“I’m getting close Emma, come for me again.”

The stimulation of his fingers on my overly stimulated clit and the feel of his cock in my pussy sent me over the edge again, as I came screaming his name. A couple more thrusts and Marcus emptied his warm seed deep inside my pussy. “Fuck Emma.”

We stayed like that for a few minutes, trying to catch our breaths. Marcus pulled out and cleaned up, handing me a paper towel to do the same. We got dressed and looked at each other. I couldn’t believe we just had sex on my counter. “Say something?” I said hesitant.

“You’re amazing. Better than I imagined.” He pulled me close and kissed me again, this time sending shivers up and down my spine.

“You’re weren’t so bad yourself.” I said and tapped his chest. “I guess professionalism is out the door?”

He laughed. “It was out the door the night I tied you to the shibari ring in my dungeon. Let’s get out of here.”

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