Busy busy busy Bee

Yep, I haven’t had time to breath lately.

So, I have revised and updated Devour Me, all links are active. Please download the revised copy if you have already purchased it.

I’ve edited a novel for a new indie erotic novel… You all must check her out…

I’m in the processes of editing/critiquing another story by Suzy Ayers

Reviewing poetry for Serenity (which I will have more info for you at the end of the month as I’m attending a huge Trade show)

Hmm..I’m still behind on my blog post for the awards I was nominated for….

Author interviews/guest posts- I have three coming up…I’ll post more info later!

writing updates

Consume Me: it’s going…coming along slowly. I am aiming for the end of the month to finish it.

Empower Me/Dominate Me: still debating title, but plot line figured out, character sketches getting done. This is the collaborative/cross over piece with Carrie Anne Ward.. It’s going to be fantastic!

New rocker romance: Double Cross- yep look for this next Spring! You all will love it. I’m taking a new spin, well hopefully on the current trend and I’m super excited!

LK- look for an updated draft in your email soon…I’ve added a chapter or two since!

Okay…I’m off for the day.

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