Not Domestic Violence.. It’s Dom..estic….

I like this..and I am happy the LK posted it. I was just in a heated discussion with someone about the idea of the picture…and it is something that many don’t understand. The desires, the wants, the WILLINGNESS to be submissive. So here are my cheers to LK…and to hoping that others can actually understand and not judge things that we desire.

The Bedroom Submissive


I’ve lost friends, vanilla friends due to this misunderstanding.

I am not weak… I am strong.
I am the same yet I am different……
I am married to my husDom and I am his subMrs.
We are exchanging power and I do not cower.
He takes me and breaks me. Then he makes me.
He is thrilling me and filling me, willingly.
He lifts me, then let’s go…… We both fall into a flow.
He pulls at my heart and fogs my brain…
This isn’t wild it is tame.
There is no blame….
Our D/s remains….



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2 thoughts on “Not Domestic Violence.. It’s Dom..estic….

  1. Thank You! I am honored by your kind words! It goes back to your own words…. What we desire!

    Love, hugs, & Kisses!


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