Consume Me Excerpt

Thanks for getting me to 100 likes on my Facebook Author page…btw at 200 likes I will be offering a winner a copy of any book on my Author Showcase Promotion page… So…whose ready for an excerpt of Consume Me????

**This is a rough draft and can be changed, edited, or deleted**

Marcus POV

I waited for her to remove her stare from the soda that she was currently boring her eyes into.  I’ve been doing this long enough to notice the subtle tension in her shoulders, the way she diverted her eyes to specific places around and in her soda. She was contemplating her feelings, her desires, and exactly what brought her here to Devoured.

“If you are not ready to answer the questions, then I don’t believe you are ready to enter into this lifestyle. You need to be able to communicate what you need, what you want in order to get that and to be safe.”  I again paused and waited for her to answer, “Now what brought you here to Devoured and why do you want to be a member?”

She looked up from the soda, that was probably flat from being death stared, and looked around the bar area.  I watched as her eyes danced over the length of the counter, towards the door.  Was she plotting her escape?

Her eyes kept moving and she turned to look at the dungeon floor. Something grabbed her attention and she became slightly aroused, her pupils dilated and she shifted uncomfortably in her chair.

“Something catch your fancy?” I asked as I followed her gaze toward the area that hosted one of our St. Andrew’s Crosses, mounted on the wall.

 It was bigger than most that we had on the floor.  The X was wrapped in black leather and was adorned with a couple of different attachment options; including a shelf to stand on and the ability to not only utilize cuffs but rope bondage as well. Lucas had it custom made to be the focal point of the floor.

I stood up and moved myself behind her and brought lips to her ear and whispered, “the sight of the cross has you turned on. Your pupils have dilated, you are uncomfortable and are aching for a release, and your breathing is shallow and quick. I think we are now on to something.” She smelt of a mixture of lavender and coconut, and my dick twitched in need as well. Down boy, not now.

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