Devour Me excerpt 3

Their lips were so close to one another. She could feel his breath on her lips as he tried to remain calm. A feeling of need stirred deep within her and it took her by surprise. She moved closer, wetting her lips with her tongue as she approached him.

The kiss started out light and soft. Chloe was hesitant, but felt Lucas’s response as he placed his hands around the back of her head and drew her closer, deepening the kiss. He coerced her lips apart with his tongue, slowly waiting for her permission. Chloe relaxed and opened her mouth allowing Lucas’s tongue to begin the exploration of her mouth.

The desire in her heightened and became more apparent as she leaned into the kiss more, taking control and exploring him now. Chloe’s hands sprang up to his head, pushing through his short black hair. Lucas’s hands moved from her face down towards her breasts, slowly feeling their way over the sides of each breast. Slowly lifting her shirt over her head, Lucas looked at her for a brief moment, “You’re so beautiful.” The kiss continued as did Lucas’s exploration of her breasts until terror struck in his heart.

“Chloe…stop. I can’t. We can’t.”

Lucas moved away and handed her back her shirt. Chloe felt ashamed and heartbroken, tears streaming down her face. “I…I don’t understand? Don’t you want me? I’ve wanted you for months, yet you cast me aside.” Her heart broke waiting for his reply.

“Chloe, I want you more than you know, but I just can’t right now, not after what you just went through. It wouldn’t be right. Please believe me, I want you. I wanted you since the day you walked into my office with that cute blue dress you have on now, but my god Chloe what kind of man would I be if I took you now after what he did to you? I’m sorry.”

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