The art of the D/s relationship?

So I was in the shower this morning thinking about the conflict that my characters are going to encounter in book 2 and my mind strolled to the idea of the D/s relationship.  I try to convey the emotional aspects of the relationship within my novels and characters.  I’ve read plenty of novels and excerpts and blogs relating to this specific topic.  I was pondering the idea that many D/s relationships end up with love at the end of them.  I am not sure that it is not possible for Dom/sub to fall in love.

I have asked the question before on another site because someone I knew once told me that having a D/s relationship or even Master/slave can be done without any emotional attachment necessary, beyond the trust factor.  I said I would have to disagree with the notion. I can understand being play partners, but talking to your Dom/me and/or sub everyday or more than just to set up a play date, would lead me to believe that the friends statement would be false. 

It might just be me, but I don’t think that I could not be that emotionally involved within a relationship like that and not feel more emotion.

Oh, so the long confused blog post is my way of trying to sort through the idea. From what I have seen and read through those I follow on my blog and twitter accounts, I fully believe that the D/s relationship itself is more involved, and I know that it would depend upon the parties involved…but don’t you think that at some point the fight to not feel protective or jealousy or love would ultimately be overcome (as it does within the novel I am writing).

So..with that said. I turn to my friends and readers…especially those within the lifestyle to help me shine some light on the thoughts pondering my mind and writing at the moment.

One thought on “The art of the D/s relationship?

  1. Paige,

    I would agree with your initial thoughts regarding a D/s relationship and becoming emotionally attached.

    One thing that I have learned from being in this lifestyle is that everyone views the same scenario a bit differently. I am sure that there are some relationships that are strictly for play and share nothing more. I have read of several people that are like this, however, most of these people are actively looking for deeper relationships. Maybe these relationships work because both parties have a strong desire or sexual need that has to be satisfied to make them stronger along their journey. They meet someone that they respect but have nothing eles in common except for their sexual needs. I guess I could see this type of relationship.

    However, my relationship is not like that in which I just described. My relationship is of the strong, protective, jealous, love and feelings that you mentioned. I would not be satisfied just sexually dominating my partner. The strong, protective, love and jealousy desires out way the need for dominance.

    If I were writing a book I would definitely write of the whole package. Most likely the D or s that have play partners are looking for the other side of the coin as well. Most people in general, BDSM or vanilla, are looking for the other person that completes them.

    We are just like everyone else… Just kinkier!

    BTW I am Little Kaninchen’s D…


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