AWE! I am honored my Love! Thank you for the kind words and all of your help on the first novel. Without you and your honest opinions and suggestions…Devour Me wouldn’t of been as good! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bedroom Submissive


This is meant for you and all bloggers out there.

Paige you have been an inspiration to me. You have given me the inspiration to try and tell my stories. I have worth… No really! Lol! Not only are you a great writer but a really nice human being! You put up with my bad English and real lack of or really bad punctuation…. See?
I want everyone to know that she’s a great individual. Support her book. We’ve all been writing about the real Turds out there lately, instead of wasting our time on them, let’s support the really good people in our lives.


Another challenge, write a blog about the person or people that are good. No names needed..
Also, list those people that make you feel good inside! ☺☺☺☺😊

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7 thoughts on “

  1. You’re very welcome! I mean every word!
    Are you getting your 36″ of snow? My Sir is in New York City trapped..

      • He’s supposed to be home Tuesday… He will be leaving there as soon as he can get out… Don’t feel for him though.. He’s in one of the nicest hotels… Drinking at the grill/bar talking to coworker… Watching the snow!
        How’s your husband?

      • Good! It’s been a hard week here.. My son has flu again! I guess there’s two strains … And I feel like I’m getting it! Then today my daughter got in car accident. She was driving and was t-boned… She’s fine but I’m a little overwhelmed…. I need a vacation!

      • That’s not good! I’d be tired as well! I hope you’re not getting it. There is a virus out that my kids had for over a month, all the flu like symptoms no flu- I hope he feels better

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