D/s Discussion- Reblog

A great discussion by both parties involved. I believe that not many people understand the emotional aspects behind a D/s Relationship. Author Tiffany Reisz gives a great look.

The Bedroom Submissive

Last night I watched a show on the OWN network about BDSM and was really appalled that BDSM was portrayed in the light that it was… It was an unfair look at the lifestyle and it show the dynamic as a dark and sinister… Using a lot of couples… That let’s say… May have been very nice but questionable… No everyday professional couples used… It was two steps back…. Disappointing at best…. Just SAD! Anyone else see it? Well, just so happened that I also got this blog from Romance Junkies… Maybe Lisa Ling should have read this and done more homework before portraying everyone in lifestyle as she did! 😰😰😰😰😰

I’m coping this and reblogging from Romance Junkies…. Thanks, Romance Junkies… Wanted to spread the word… One of my favorite books and authors..

Tiffany writes….

No matter how many times I blog about BDSM, it never seems to be…

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