I thought I would pose a question on the blog today about what motivates us as writers, artists or whatever you do.

We are approaching the new year and those dreaded new year’s resolutions (only dreaded because honestly I feel pressured to make one, but never do).

So what motivates you?


4 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. My original motivation to write came with a chance to tell my wife, (who died several years ago) and my story. It is a wip now and I am continuing the effort as I go along. Then the blog, which originally was suggested by one of my publishers. That just took off, giving me a place to write and explore with different types of styles and tastes. I have found that when you post your work, and get replies and likes, if you will, you find a renewed inspiration which motivates me personally to present more. I also get motivated with time placed material. i.e. Halloween, Christmas and the current New Year.

    • I love your blog, I have to say. I’m very much into the emotions behind the D/s and I enjoy everything you post!

      Lately I think my motivation is based upon proving to myself I can do it; I can be a writer.

  2. New experiences inspire me. It could be a new experience in my new journey into BDSM or even a new book I’m experiencing. Wishing you a motivated new year! Best Wishes!

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