Novel openings

Nice discussion about openings….

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One of the most common reasons why editors reject manuscripts—and why readers stop reading a book—is that the opening fails to draw them into the story. It has probably happened to you as a reader too. You read the first few pages of a book, then set it down and never picked it up again.

So why are openings so important?

Your book can have a suspenseful action scene on page 38 and the world’s best-written love scene on page 251, but your readers will never find out if they stop reading after just a few pages. The opening is critical because it’s your one chance to capture a reader’s or an editor’s attention.

What are common problems in first chapters?

Here’s a list of the most common problems:

1) Slow, static beginning

I’ve seen a lot of manuscripts that open with the main character thinking about her life while nothing…

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