Choosing the right POV is essential in a novel…

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One reason editors often reject manuscripts are viewpoint problems, so let’s talk about point of view.

What is point of view (POV)?

The point of view is the lens through which we experience the story.

Basically, there are three types of POVs:

  • First-person POV: The story is written in first person (“I”), most often from the POV of a main character but sometimes from the POV of a minor character.
  • Omniscient POV: The narrator is not one of the characters but an all-knowing observer who knows what every character thinks and feels. He knows more than the characters and can see into the future and the past (e.g., Little did he know that… or If only she had known that…). Just dipping into the minds of several character is not omniscient POV; this is called head-hopping. The omniscient narrator comments and judges and is a tangible presence.
  • Third-person limited POV:…

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