Writings: The Clock

Here is another snippet of writing that I have done outside of the erotic genre.  This was for a class I took I believe, attempting to make something ordinary seem extraordinary…or at least see it in a different way.

The Clock

It looks like any other ordinary wall clock that you would find in a hospital; Round, white and sterile.  But there is something different about this clock.  I have seen this clock more than once before, but this time the clock seems to taunt me as its second hand ticks and tocks its way around.  I watch it impatiently as it laughs at me… “Ha ha,” it says as the hour continues to tick away. The waiting seems to last forever. The end does not seem to come nor does the end seem to be in sight.  I am torn away for a mere second by the beating of the heart on the monitor, my constant reminder of why I am here.  The minutes dredge on and I grow more and more hostile towards the clock asking myself why it must mock me; why it makes the minutes seem so slow to pass? My patience wearing thin, the clock continues to stare me down.  As I get ready to leave, I glance one last time… “See you Friday’” it says to me as I pass it to leave.  The clock…the reminder of my situation…of my anguish.

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