I saw this and had to reblog as I just wrote a collaring scene for the WIP… As readers will find out I am drawn to the world of BDSM especially in writing. Blogs like this show the lifestyle from the inside out and show the emotions and reasons why we chose to be a Dom or sub…

The Bedroom Submissive

Collars, there are so many to choose from!


Master decided that it was time to collar me and officially make me his. I am his officially his anyway….but it’s nice to do it within the lifestyle. I will be proud to wear his collar. We looked at sooo many sites and decided on this one from Master’s Desires in England. It has kink and class. I got the matching cuffs as well. He wanted to say this was my Christmas gift……. Really Sir? I can’t wait for him to place the collar on my neck and buckle it. I can again give myself to him in another way that we haven’t done before. Our feelings keep growing as do our commitments to one another. I’m loving TTWD!

I now want to get more pieces to this ensemble….. Very exciting thinking about this leather on my skin. The clips and attachments……

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6 thoughts on “Collared

  1. Thank You for the reblogging “Collared”. I’m now following your blog. I’ve read quite a few of the books you have reviewed. On my blog I’m trying to show a new face of submissives. The new age of luxury BDSM.
    The Bedroom Submissive-Little Kaninchen

    • Thank you for the follow. I am currently writing a series about characters from within a club, however some of my other writings, more poetry inspired writings focus on the emotion of being a submissive and the D/s relationship. I think people need to understand that part of it, not the fantasy that is in the novels we read, although I do enjoy them and write them. but I also know there is more. thank you again for the follow. _Paige

      • I really do enjoy reading the books that deal with a club and the characters. (Dom/subs). Club Shadowlands and Dark Haven books. They are my favorite.I also love The Black Dagger Brotherhood books. I would love to read any excerpts of your club books.
        Little Kaninchen

      • I enjoyed the Club Shadowlands novels. Have you read Maya Banks’ Sweet series. They are pretty good. Although, I highly recommend Tiffany Reisz’s Original Sinners series. There is a lot of hardcore BDSM in it, but I’m in love with all the characters. 🙂

        As soon as I re-write a portion of the first novel I will put another snippet up. There was a rough one I post the other day revolving around dinner at a restaurant and a wireless egg. Fun times. 🙂

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