Excerpt from Devour Me (To be Published March 2013)

***Please remember this is a rough draft and the scene can be edited or deleted***

Lucas and Chloe arrived at Abe and Louie’s in Boston a little after seven. The maitre d’ escorted them to a table in the back corner of the restaurant. The lighting was low and candles were lit on the table, the ambience was nice, Chloe thought to herself as she slid into the round booth. Lucas slid into left. “This is really nice,” Chloe said looking at Lucas. “It is, isn’t it?” Lucas responded when the waiter came over.
“Mr. Walker, pleasure to see you again. What can I get you to drink, the usual?” the waiter gazed at Chloe and his eyes went to the cleavage that was showing.
Lucas cleared his throat to get the waiter’s attention, “Yes, that will be fine.” The waiter bowed his head and headed toward the bar. Chloe looked up at him, “Eat here much?” A slight smile on her face indicated to Lucas she was kidding.
“Just a little,” he said as he winked and placed his hand on her thigh, rubbing slightly. Chloe’s cheeks flushed and she closed her eyes to avoid giving away how aroused she was.
She was hyper aware of the toy that Lucas placed inside her before they left the apartment and her clit was erect with need, his hands grazing her thigh wasn’t helping the situation. “Relax, be patient and you will be rewarded,” Lucas whispered, “Now what would you like for dinner?”
“You,” Chloe responded before realizing she’d just said that. Lucas smiled at her, “I’m desert.”
The waiter returned with a bottle of Tuscan “Sammarco,” and two glasses. He poured a little into the glass and offered it to Lucas for approval. Lucas swirled the wine in the glass, smelled it and took a small sip. He nodded his acceptance at the waiter and turned to Chloe, “have you decided?” “Yes. I’ll have the Filet, medium rare with a side of asparagus grilled.” The waiter nodded and turned to Lucas, “and you monsieur?”
Lucas looked at the menu, “I’ll have the lobster with a potato.”
“Very well, I’ll get that started.” The waiter walked away and Lucas looked at Chloe handing her a glass of wine, “here’s to you, Dr. Harper. I am so proud of you.”
Chloe smiled and toasted with him.
“It wouldn’t have been without you, you know?” her voice low. “You’ve helped me tremendously the last few weeks, Lucas.” Tears threatened, but she held them back. Lucas swept his finger over her lips and cheek, “I’m glad we’re finally able to be together. I am still upset that you never told me who you were when I first started. I knew that there was something familiar about you, I just couldn’t place it.”
“I just thought if I was as special as you had said, you would have remembered me on your own,” Chloe looked at him and he placed a quick, but passionate kiss on her lips.
“We’re here now, together. Nothing is going to change that. Do you understand?” Lucas asked.
“Yes,” she responded.
“Yes, what?”
Chloe smiled, “Yes, sir.”
“That’s my good girl,” Lucas placed another kiss to her lips and sat back and laughed. Turning on the egg with the remote in his pocket, he watched Chloe jump in her seat.
“Shhh, love. Enjoy,” Lucas said with a devilish look in his eyes. He turned the speed up and the toy vibrated faster within her pussy. Lucas placed his hands on her thigh again, stroking the sensitive area with his hands.
“Damn it, Lucas. I am not going to last long,” Chloe whispered in frustration.
“Don’t draw attention Chloe…relax.” His hands moved further up her leg, the hem of her dress hiked up. She was thankful for the table cloth that covered her. His hands urged her legs apart wider, as his fingers found her wet sex. Sliding his fingers up and sown over her lips he teased her more, “you are so fucking wet right now. You want to come don’t you?”
“Yes, sir. Please let me come,” Chloe begged, the need for release building in her. All the sensations overloading her at once, his fingers on her clit, the egg vibrating in her…it was too much to take, “Please, Lucas. I’m so close.”
Lucas turned the speed up on the egg again, sped his fingers up and leaned into her, “Come for me now, Chloe.” It was all she needed to be pushed over the edge. Her body tightened and flushed, Lucas took her mouth and kissed her, absorbing the moans coming from her as her body rode out her orgasm. As she began to calm, Lucas turned the egg off and removed his fingers from her. Pulling her dress down a bit, he looked at her and placed another kiss on her lips, “ready to eat?”

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