ARC Review: “The Memories of Frances X” edited by Josefina Lindte






















From Back Cover:

The reality of the future is much bleaker than any of us could have hoped for, or imagined. That doesnt mean that people dont stop fighting for their dreams. But beware the cost of failure

One young woman must pay the ultimate price for her freedom. Join her as she shares her words and thoughts, in her last days on this earth.


“Culture is dying faster than it is being born. And if culture creates society, which in turn creates reality, what does that say about the future for any of us?”


A sentiment never truer! I normally am not a huge reader of the Sci-fi genre, however on a whim I offered to review this novella pre-publication and I was glad that I did.  It is the 23rd century and a lot has changed in the way humans are in existence; the advent of technological advances, a society which does not resemble any that we know, and the cost of life for a dream, it the setting for this novella. A young girl has been sent to “the facility” to live out her last days. The memoirs of the protagonist follow more like a rambling of coherent ideas and thoughts as she scrambles to capture a stance in the reality of her situation. The protagonist’s journey to acceptance of her fate, and ultimately death, brings to surface many topics relating to technology, “Big Brother,” control and conformity to society.

The novella is comprised of 48 sections of Frances’ thoughts and readers see her discuss many different aspects of her society, the hive-mind (reminiscent of The Matrix) a virtual gateway, so to say, where information is gathered, shared and dispersed; connecting all of humanity together. Humans are injected with ‘inks,” robotic systems that store and process information and control bodily processes, on the outside they resemble modern day tattoos. Readers also see how “society” dictates conformity and the ultimate price for non-conformity is death.


“She killed me because I deviated, I did not conform, I chose to stray from the baseline. She turned me into the facility.  You need to remember what I write in here, and use it to fuel your growth and thoughts.”


Although, sci-fi in genre and technique (which I enjoyed), the novella hits directly on major issues still relevant in our society today: conformity, dreams, technology and prices we all pay for perfection. I highly recommend the novella, as it is a quick and easy read that makes you think.




3 thoughts on “ARC Review: “The Memories of Frances X” edited by Josefina Lindte

  1. Although I am not a sci-fic type of person, this one really looks very interesting as it seems it presents the world as I believe it is going

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