Review: “The Marriage Trap” by Jennifer Probst

** spoiler alert ** 4 out of 5 Stars…

OH My! I enjoyed Maggie’s character in The Marriage Bargain, and was intrigued with Michael…I am so glad they received their own story, and it didn’t disappoint.

Micheal Conte, Italian royalty and overall controlling, Alpha male of the Conte family, leave the reader breathless at times and wanting to ring his neck at others. However, his passion for his family is unmeasurable, as is his lust for Maggie. I enjoyed seeing his softer side and his characterization grow in this novel.

Maggie Ryan, a self-professed control freak. She will control any romantic entanglement on her terms, her way. What she can’t control is how she ends up involving herself into Michael’s family, into his heart. And him into hers. She spends a good portion of the novel trying hard to dissolve the feelings that she was unable to process and handle; they went against all she knew. His touch, his kisses, his “cough”, push her into a submissive state that scares her as her control fades.

The story has the happy ending we all enjoy, even with the protagonist running away. (Why are we seeing protagonists running…in almost every novel I’ve been reading?) The sex scenes are very enjoyable, very erotic and sensual. There is raw sexuality between the characters from the beginning of the novel, and it culminates in a great scene.

I am waiting for the third installment, as we will get to see more of Michael and Maggie, but we get to explore the growth of Carina, the youngest of the Conte Family.

Love the Cover art as well!

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