Book Review: Reflected In You , by Sylvia Day

I am completely speechless after finishing this novel. I read it in a day, as I could not put it down. I fell in love with Gideon and Eva’s story in Bared to You, and although this installment dragged on a little in the beginning, it did not disappoint.

Gideon is the epitome of alpha male, the dominate controlling side coming out more in this novel. Readers already knew he was a control freak, as he would be to be so successful at such a young age. I wish we would have learned more about his past, although we learn a big detail. The secrets obviously drive any reader crazy as I just wanted to ring his neck for hurting Eva with Corrine throughout the novel. However, in the end we see why, and all is somewhat understood.

Eva’s insecurities threaten her recovery and relationship with herself and Gideon. I enjoyed the fact that we saw her begin to get a back bone and become less dependent upon Gideon and started figuring out what had happened. She started to fight for him in a way that only she could.

The sex is completely different in this installment; more primal, raw and about each others insecurities and truths. The need of the both of them to show each other their feelings through sex, and how sex is completely ties to who they are and what their relationship is, is a bit frustrating but necessary.

I am impatiently waiting for the conclusion of their trilogy. A great job by Ms. Day

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